This Is The Final Version Of BioShock 2's Big Daddy

It's nothing too surprising, but 2K Marin artist, Colin Fix, has posted on his personal blog the final concept art of BioShock 2's Big Daddy.

Since you'll be playing as this guy, it looks like the design was shifted over to make him appear more human and certainly less imposing. The design conforms not only to the GamePro cover back in May, but also to one of the early concepts for the original BioShock. And also to this well known image of the original.

Player Big Daddy [Colin Fix's Knuckle Deep, via Official Xbox 360 Magazine]


    Interesting design. I have to say I much prefer the existing Big Daddy designs -- they are iconic -- but this isn't bad.

    I hope the Sploicers never realize that all they have to do to kill me is cut one of my rubber air hoses. :-)

    The faceplate design is interesting. Obviously it won't be viable to have the bubble-helmet visual distortion of the latter stages of the original game, nor will it be ok to have two vertical bars running down the screen, so I guess the faceplate view is really constricted to that inner 16:9 rectangle.

    Looks good.

    Glad they moved away from the esthablished designs and came up with something different since you're the First Big Daddy Prototype.

    Honestly, Marin are damned if they do and damned if they dont when it comes to design. If they didnt change much then they'd be bitched at for producing a carbon copy of Bioshock etc, and if they change it too much they get bitched at for not making it closer to the original.

    From what I've seen they seem to be walking that fine line very well, and I really hope this succeeds for them...and us. Im looking forward to giving a big chance next year

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