This Rapture Wine Is Just The Tonic You Need

bioshock-at-bondi-1Snapped by Kotaku reader Alistair at the BioShock 2 publicity stunt at Bondi Beach.


    Whoa,that guys arm is really red

    I thought this promotion was quiet well done - it didn't promise much to begin with so expectations weren't high (you weren't really expecting someone to turn up in a big daddy suit and announce a wii version or something ridiculous, did you?)and those who did turn up got some rather rare and memorable swag - I mean come on, those posters look cool!

    it's certainly a good marketing effort for a game now slated for 2010. you really would have to expect a hand written note from a Rapture resident though.. because who would bottle up advertisements and release them.
    Large sand castles like from the teaser would've been a treat too.

    his fingers are red because it was so god damn cold on that beach at that hour of the morning

    i know firsthand

    If i knew of this i so would have gone :(

    How does news of this get out?

    It was damn cold, I can attest to that. I think the event, for a supposed PR thing, was a bit disappointing consider all the other paraphernalia they've produced on the website.

    I wanted to see a red light in the ocean like all the kidnapping stories. The posters are now up on my wall still though.

    That's a damn nice photo. Good shot.

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