This Scribblenauts Trailer Is Full Of Hyperbole

Warranted hyperbole, of course. But hyperbole nonetheless. We're counting down the days until its September 16 release. Scribblenauts GamesCom 09 Accolades Trailer [Gamevideos]


    It says coming in october on the trailer!

    Can it be September 16 now please?

    I'm literally playing this right now and have just found myself trying to glue a salmon to a Starite and send a hawk to fetch it. It's insanely fun and bizarrely frustrating! I love it.

      Playing this right now? Whhhaaaaaaatt?

        Because he's the editor of Official Nintendo! (That's my guess.)

          This lunchies is one smart cookie.

    Cool, I love buying Nintendo DS games, especially the innovative ones, my favorite DS game so far has been The World Ends With You, looking for something to top it.

    I'm buying a DS just for this game.

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