This Week In Video Game Comics

Here's a rundown of the new video game-based comics going on sale in comics shops in the U.S. this week, including staples Street Fighter and Sonic. Plus... some Zelda that may bring back memories of the GameCube era.

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Street Fighter IV #3 (of 4)... Written by Ken Siu-Chong. Drawn by Joe Ng. Summary Via Publisher Udon Entertainment: It's bad girl VS school girl as Crimsom Viper makes Sakura her latest target! How does Sakura fit into the S.I.N. organization's plan.. and why would they want Dan Hibiki as well? The answers could be DARKER than anyone suspects!

The Legend of Zelda, Volume 6: Four Swords - Part 1 ... Written and Drawn by the duo known as Akira Himekawa.

Summary via publisher Viz Media: Four Swords, Part 1. Link, now a Hylian Knight, serves Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle. When Shadow Link kidnaps Princess Zelda, Link once again must prepare himself to defeat the forces of evil. To do so, he needs the legendary Four Sword, but getting it means releasing and then battling the ancient evil power Vaati. The Four Sword also splits Link into four different versions of himself, and these new Links aren't team players! Rescuing Zekda, beating Vaati, and getting his wild alter-egos under control isn't going to be easy!

Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol. 11... Written by Ken Penders, Kent Taylor. Drawn by Kyle Hunter, Art Mawhinney, Manny Galan, Patrick Spaziante, Harvey Mercadoocasio, Andrew Pepoy .

Summary via publisher Archie Comics Media: The Sonic Archives series has emerged as one of Archie's best-selling trade paperbacks, as fans both new and old can relive the glory days of Sonic the Hedgehog in these high-quality, digitally-restored graphic novels, complete with all the classic Sonic stories from the 1990's! Now with Sonic Archives Volume 11, Sonic lovers can add to their collections issues 41-44, stories which are almost impossible to come across now. And best of all, the colours are completely re-mastered to give the issues a brand-new look!

Stories include: "... And One Shall Save Him" - Sally, Sonic and Geoffrey attempt to save King Acorn, but will they survive the Zone of Silence as past and future collide? "In Every Kingdom There Must Exist a Little Chaos" - the epic "Sword of Acorns" storyline begins here, as Knuckles searches for the fabled sword against staggering odds! "The Dream Zone" - the story that introduces the "Dream Watcher" device that will play a major role in the "Endgame" saga! "Black & Blue & Red All Over" - Evil Sonic is back... and it looks like Knuckles is helping him!


    Zomg I didn't realise the archives were the paper backs from ye olde days, I used to love those things when I was a kid.

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