This Would Be My Deathbed

Some day, if you get rich enough, this can be yours - a hi-tech luxury bed that combines a giant pull-down hi-def screen with built in gaming consoles and lots of other amenities.

This is the HiCan bed, which takes the IKEA design of "put all the essentials on as few square feet as possible" to an amazing extreme. As a practical matter, it'd be amazing for a tiny studio in a crowded city, but probably do a number on your long-term posture. But to me it looks like it'll be someone's dream machine on the next episode of Cribs. According to its writeup:

A theatre screen pulls down at the foot of the bed for viewing television or movies. An integrated personal computer system means you can work or masturbate to Internet porn surf the web in bed as well. Game consoles are built in for added entertainment value. Lights for reading and shades for sleeping are also fully integrated.

All this thing lacks is a built-in commode. And maybe a huge space-saver drawer full of Doritos alongside a guacamole pump. Get that, and I could see myself staying in this bed until I looked like Vladimir Harkonnen and Jabba the Hutt got sloppy drunk and made a baby. High-Tech Bed Has Built-In TV, Computer & Game Systems [Dornob]


    And exactly how are we going to play Nintendo Wii 3?

    For 42,000 euros... nahhhhh... just seeing the xbox in the little compartment makes me think RRoD!

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