Tony Hawk: Ride Only Launching In Three Territories (In 2009)

It was announced during Activision's earnings call earlier today that the upcoming Tony Hawk: Ride will only be released in three territories in 2009. For everyone else, it's a 2010 game.

The lucky three are the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. If you live in France, Italy, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Belgium, Switzerland or Mexico (or anywhere in between), sorry, you're shit out of luck.

Tacky plastic peripherals are expensive and difficult to manufacture, and like Rock Band's staggered release a few years back, seems there just aren't enough of them to go around on launch day.

One thing we're unsure of; whether Canadians are included in the "United States" statement. We'd like to think so, but then, you can't be sure. We'll look into it.


    Can't wait for the youtube clips of skateboards going through TVs.

      It will make having to wait a while longer a little easier.

    Meh. I wasn't going to buy one anyway.

    we will probably get it when Ride 2 is out

    Yeah we know about Rockband staggered release, still waiting for Rockband 2!

    Tony Hawk: Ride = Retarded

    Look, I usually defend peripheral games from detractors because I cannot now, nor ever play the guitar or DJ, or drum.

    But this has to be the one instance where I can agree in saying go buy a real skateboard. It's cheaper than this game and a million times better, seriously where does this stop? football attachment for fifa? hockey sticks for NHL?

    Sounds like Rockband all over again. I'll just play skate instead and swear off Tony Hawk games.

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