Trackmania Finally Barrell Rolls Its Way To The Wii

It appears that after nearly two years of talk (and little else), cult create-a-racer Trackmania is finally making its way onto the Nintendo Wii.

It's been announced that Firebrand Games—the team behind the recent Trackmania DS—are on development duties with the game set to make a public appearance at Germany's big Gamescom 09 show next week.

The Wii Remote should be a handy tool when it comes to the series' trademark course creation; let's just hope there's no wacky motion-controlled steering schemes to go along with it.


    Would have rathered it on the 360...

      Same... Even as a 1800 point arcade game.

    I love all my consoles but why Trackmania on the Wii?

    I hope that you can use the wheel to drive like mario kart

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