Transformers DLC Brings Back More Of The Transformers We Love

We don't love the "new" Transformers. Not one bit. They're too...impersonal to care about, and too spiky to cuddle. Nothankyou. Seems Activision are aware of this, as there's more G1 characters coming to their Transformers movie game.

Like who? Like Megatron.

Joining the Decepticon leader in Revenge of the Fallen's upcoming DLC pack are old-school favourites Starscream and Optimus Prime (who we knew were coming), plus "G1 Sunstorm" (which is a bit of a stretch) along with some G1 "colour schemes" for Ratchet and Sideswipe.

The pack will also introduce three new maps, and be out on August 27 for 800MSP/$US10.


    i like the new transformers style, when i was little i always thought the transformers were very lame compared to the beast wars.

      i think transformers were before your time

        Doesnt mean that classic transformers dont suck. I think they were just precursors to other great series as BEAST WARS!!!

    I thought G1 Soundwave was going to be in here too?

    I'd consider getting it if G1 Soundwave was added.

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