Tricia Helfer Is StarCraft II’s Kerrigan

Tricia Helfer Is StarCraft II’s Kerrigan

Original voice actress Glynnis Talken Campbell is still out as the voice of StarCraft II‘s Kerrigan, but Blizzard found a worth replacement in the form of Cylon Number Six, Tricia Helfer.

At a panel that took place while I was knee-deep in interviews, Blizzard introduced the new Sarah Kerrigan to the world, smashing previous rumours that voice actress Karen Strassman was taking over the role. Helfer is no stranger to video game work, having appeared in voice form in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and Halo 3: ODST, as well as a live action appearance in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Is Helfer up on her StarCraft lore?

“It’s intimidating to come into a game and do a job that you don’t really know the history of it, I’m kind of a video game virgin in terms of playing. Personally I’m not technologically savvy,” Helfer said at the outset of her introduction to the crowd. “At the time, I didn’t know what Zerg and all these things were. It was fun to find out all these little differences.”

Along with Helfer, the panel also revealed that original cast members Robert Clotworthy and James Harper would be returning as Jim Raynor and Arcturus Mengsk respectively, putting to rest earlier reports that Clotworthy wasn’t deemed worthy to fill Raynor’s space boots.

BlizzCon 09: Kerrigan Gets Cylon’d [IGN UK]


  • Dhoh! What a complete fail. Kerrigan isn’t blond, physically or metaphysically. What was wrong with Campbell? Apparently she got torpedoed by a big powerful V/O agent who shoved her aside for this “video game virgin.” Whaaa?? It was “fun” to find out these differences? You mean pilfer from Campbell’s stellar, inventive depth and passion. I hate Hollywood sexist/ageist scumbags. No wonder strong women can’t sustain careers. Sure, bring the guys back, but better get a younger blond to fill the “Queen Bitch Of The Universe” role.


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