Twitter, Facebook On 360 Might Be For Gold Subscribers Only

Buried at the foot of the press release announcing Microsoft's 360 price cuts this morning was this little nugget: "Xbox Live Gold Membership will be required for Twitter and Facebook when they are available".

Seems a strange move, what with both Facebook and Twitter being 100% free on both PCs and phones. In defence, a Microsoft spokesperson told MCV the info was "incorrect", and that Microsoft "is still formulating its plans" regarding the availability of the services.

Since when is incorrect info outlined so specifically in an official press release? Mark us down as "quietly concerned".

Kotaku AU Note: The press release I got from Microsoft Australia this morning didn't contain this little detail.

Xbox 360 Twitter claims ‘incorrect' [MCV]


    I wouldn't be overly surprised or bothered either way, as I'm a gold subscriber anyway.

    So this is a quietly lob the info out there and gauge the response type move.

    Mass Uproar = Oh it was a mistake
    No Uproar = We believe people enjoy the value it adds.

    Oh no, millions of live silver users might be forced to load a web browser!

      A browser the 360 should have!:O
      No, really, just kidding.

    Twitter and Facebook are a waste of time anyway. Kids shouldn't be on it.

    Microsoft have had a lot of traction so far, talking about services that aren't actually available.

    I wouldn't be suprised if M$ made it for gold subscribers only. But since it's free access on the internet, they're obviously not going to get very far.

    I'd just make it for silver subscribers, too. It'd help make up for the un-needed commercials.

    Eh I pay my 80 bucks to play games with my mates.

    Access to some novelty features as a Gold Member...sweet I guess....

    Though the Xbox is on the same desk as the monitor for my computer is so I can easily use FB while I'm on my 360 now anyway :D

    Facebook is the cancer of the internet.. Id much prefer that if I pay for Gold that I don't have to have it on my Xbox..

    Totally wouldn't surprise me, there isn't much that m$ wont charge for when it comes to the xbox

    Honestly not that suprised, i'd bet money that they'll try and charge for it.

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