UK Gets Xbox 360 Price Cut And Price Hike

It's not only the US that is seeing an Xbox 360 price drop, but the UK, too. Starting tomorrow, the Xbox 360 Elite 120GB will be priced at £199.99 (AU$388).

The new price is a £30 drop from the current retail price, and the the Xbox 360 Pro will be phased out in the United Kingdom.

While the price for the Xbox 360 Arcade is static in the US, it will be priced at £159.99 (AU$310)—as expected.

It's official: Xbox 360 price cut announced [MCVUK]


    Oh great! Nothing like that good old, "We Hate Australians Tax", $161 to keep the price up here!
    (Still $549RRP in Australia)

    so let me get this straight...if "our console prices are based on UK and europe markets cuz we are all PAL region" and we are paying slightly less than both these markets for a PS3 slim, then the console shouldnt be priced more than 380 or even be happy with 400......otherwise we are getting ripped off again....but I can see it will be 500 (and that would be without HD cables)..... :(

    Also 78 dollars price difference for a 120GB hdd between the 2 consoles...but if you dont buy an elite and want a 120GB hdd seperatly...cmon microsoft drop the price of the 120GB hard drive seperatly then, instead of charging 180 for it, 100 would be nice

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