Vick's Madden Ratings: Worse, But Still Dangerous

As we reported Friday, EA Sports will add Michael Vick to its Madden NFL 10 roster on Aug. 19, pending league approval. ESPN got a hold of his game attributes, and as expected, he's off his Madden 08 form.

ESPN, without citing its source, reports that Vick has dropped to a 73 rated quarterback overall, from a 90 in Madden 08. But as a running quarterback he still holds a great deal of potential for those who want to play as the Eagles, or unscrupulously trade him into their preferred team.

Vick's speed, agility, acceleration, elusiveness, juke and spin moves all declined between three and four points, but all remain 90 or better. Where Vick seems to have suffered the most is in passing. Never particularly accurate, his ratings there dropped from 78 across the board to between 64 and 69.

His awareness also dropped from 74 to 65. I agree Ookie might not be the most self-aware individual, but one might think 21 months in Leavenworth would put your head on a swivel.

As a running quarterback, Vick remains very dangerous - his secondary running stats are better than all but the elite halfbacks. And though inferior to Brian Westbrook as a runner, he'll be a strong complement in a Wildcat formation - which is a part of the Eagles' playbook in this game.

Here's the full breakdown, per ESPN:

Vick to be Added to 'Madden 10' [ESPN]


    Vick did some terrible things. But he did serve time in prison. We must all hope that he gives all of his money back to the community and to charities, and tries to make good on his lastest promises. He could show us that just because we do something very bad, it doesn't mean we're consigned to a life of bad behavior. Let's see if Vick can turn his life around.

    here's a good article about whether Vick will divide Philadelphia...

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