Visit A Real Halo Warthog On Sydney Harbour

I realise visiting Sydney Harbour may not be feasible for most of you, but on the off chance it is, you should swing by Cockatoo Island and check out the real, working Halo Warthog that'll be sitting there this weekend.

It's the same Warthog that featured in Neil Blomkamp's ill-fated Halo short film, and was built by New Zealand special effects maestros WETA, the team behind Lord of the Rings.

These days, it's on promotion duties for Halo 3: ODST, hence the public display. If you've never been out there, just grab a ferry from Circular Quay; it shouldn't take you too long. Be a nice day out if you bring a picnic basket and some Halo action figures.

Cockatoo Island and the Warthog [Xbox Australia]


    That warthog has axles - so what's the point in going to see it?

    The turret guard is way too big and looks like cardboard, but other than that it looks good. I don't reckon many people will turn up to this thing, they should really just send it to LA or San Francisco, where it would really get some publicity.

      You have to remember that the machine gun is actually a working machine gun on the Warthog. The thing is that a rep there said that the machine gun was replaced with a replica for this exhibition due to difficulties getting the real one through Customs (as you can imagine :P)

        (my point was that the person manning the turret would need sufficient protection, safety first)

    Cockatoo Island seems like a weird out of the way place to have a launch. If it was just done somewhere near Circular Quay, or the Rocks, I'd probably drop by to have a look when I'm in the city, but Cockatoo Island is too far out of the way for something I'm only slightly interested in seeing (I'm only really interested in seeing the whole spectacle, rather than the game itself)

      Agreed. Im in Sydney but there's no way I would trek out just for this.

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