Watch BlizzCon 2009 Online, Get Grunty

Watch BlizzCon 2009 Online, Get Grunty

DIRECTV’s coverage of BlizzCon 2009 goes beyond the television this year, with non-subscribers able to purchase a streaming internet package that includes the exclusive Grunty the Murloc Space Marine pet.

Last year DIRECTV broadcast BlizzCon 2008 as a pay per view event, giving those who purchased the programming a code for the show-exclusive polar bear mount. This was great for DIRECTV owners, but not so nice for those fans that couldn’t get the service in their area. That worry disappears this year, with a web stream available for purchase at the same price as the pay per view—$US39.95—which also includes the limited edition Grunty pet for World of Warcraft, which will likely make it the least rare convention-exclusive promotional World of Warcraft item ever.

Along with the pet, viewers will also get more than 16 hours of streaming video coverage of the event, with interviews, commentary, and the closing ceremonies, featuring a live performance by the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne.

Head over to the event page to purchase your streaming entertainment, or just stick around Kotaku, where I’ll be on the scene at BlizzCon from Thursday night on through to the bitter end.

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