Welcome Your New Version Of Games For Windows Live

Like it or not, Microsoft's PC marketplace and multiplayer gaming service Games for Windows Live looks like it's here to stay. So you may as well get used to it, and see what the latest version has to offer.

GFW 3.0 went live yesterday, and while the changes aren't as drastic as the major cosmetic overhaul we saw last update, you'll notice a few neat touches under the hood, including some new colour changes and the ability to buy DLC from within a game.

I'm going to grab it today, with hope burning a white-hot hole in my heart, as it was the last GFW update that killed my Fallout 3 install. Who knows, maybe this update will let me get back to a game I haven't played since October.



    still the lack of being able to see friends online from the desktop is a giant pain the ass. That's the one thing I really really want

    I'm so annoyed at GFWL at the moment. After buying all the Fallout 3 DLC, I noticed my Windows drive had suddenly filled up a few GB. I looked around and hey, look where it saves the DLC! Not with the rest of the game, but in your Windows profile! Absolutely ridiculous...

    Buggered up my fallout installation when it patched, and I wasn't loading gfwl with the game. Which meant I lost all my dlc, and my savegames. Had to delete and redownload from steam the whole game because I couldn't find a solution online, now I'm being nagged to update again. Grr.

    Hate it hate it hate it hate it.
    Went to play a quick game of DoW2 last night, when it prompted to update. It then spent about 10 minutes sitting at 98% before crashing DoW. Restarted the game and it prompted to update once more, taking another 10 minutes but finishing successfully.
    But the thing that really annoyed me was seeing the update notification that stated "This may require your computer to be restarted after completion". Nothing outside of OS and driver updates should ever require a system restart, let alone a social networking app that is compulsory to install in the first place.

    @Mr Waffle: Hearing that the DLC is now tied into your windows profile rather than the game itself, is another massive strike against the service. I like Steam, but one of the things that really gets me about it, is not being able to choose the install path for games... what if my HD/partition containing the Steam installation is full!

    I'm with DerangedStoat, above. Hate it. I've sat in Dawn of War looking for a match for more than 10 minutes. And then had two people drop the second the game starts, because the pings were too high. So then the match is screwed, and we get to go back to looking for a match :|

    Steam has worked perfectly for me since I got it (offline mode notwithstanding), and so I really didn't mind it when I heard that DoW2 was going to be bound to your Steam account.

    Every single problem with getting DoW2 to work has been with bloody GFWL. I hate it with a passion.

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