Welp, Sony Ain't Gonna Like This

Go punch up pspgo.co.uk. That's not exactly the product being flogged there, is it. A Chinese registrant picked up the domain name in late April and has plastered it with a replica of the DSi's product page.

As Destructoid points out, there ain't no page forpspgo.com, so maybe Sony really doesn't give a crap here. It looks like this guy went squatting on a domain he thought they'd want, and has gotten really spiteful now that no money has changed hands.

It's doubtful the number of people who deliberately type in "pspgo.co.uk" and visit this site, as opposed to going to a correct page via a Google search, troubles Sony that much. But it is kind of a cheap shot. PSPgo.co.uk Shows Off the DSi [Destructoid]


    Rofl, how lame + pathetic. Don't think Sony will actually really care too much


    seems evident enough.

    Ironically Nintendo doesn't sell their products in China (save Hong Kong). However Sony does sell their PSP in China, so he's kinda shooting himself in the foot.

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