What Are Assassin's Creed II's Exclusive Maps For?

Last week, Assassin's Creed II executive producer described the November game to me as a "single-player" adventure. But the revelation of the contents in the game's GameStop special edition suggests there's something curious afoot.

The newly announced Master Assassin's $US80 version of the otherwise-$60 game will be exclusive to GameStop and offer Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners an 8.5" statue of protagonist Ezio, an art book, a behind-the-scenes DVD and a collectible tin.

More intriguing is that this limited-edition version will offer "two exclusive in-game maps." One is unlockable for anyone who pre-orders the game and is set in the Palazzo de Medici. The other, exclusive to this version, is set in or near the Venetian church, Santa Maria Dei Frari.

Kotaku AU Note: The preorder and bonus in-game item situation is slightly different in Australia. Check this post for more details.

The question, which I've shot over to Ubisoft in an e-mail, is: How a single-player game would incorporate exclusive in-game maps?

Any maps I've ever heard of for games are used to support some sort of multiplayer gaming.

Well, cancel any images you have in your head of Assassin's Creed death matches. When I asked Raymond in New York last week if Assassin's Creed II would support multiplayer, I got a pause from her and a quick check with the game's main PR rep before being told that it would be single-player. I questioned their pause and pressed the question. No, it is single-player, they assured me.

So what of these maps?

One possibility is that there will be places in the terrain of the game's campaign that Ezio can explore in his adventure only under the guidance of those gamers who have the extra content. Maybe that will grant players the equivalent of exclusive alleyways that only their Ezio can walk down.

Another possibility is that, like the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed II might support non-storyline single-player missions. In the Batman game, each player's performance in the single-player challenge rooms is uploaded to an online leaderboard. That allows competition among players in this ostensibly single-player game.

We'll update you here if Ubisoft is able to clarify what the Assassin's Creed II maps are all about.


    I figured the extra maps would work something a bit like the Pitt & Point Lookout for Fallout 3 - add a piece of map to the outside of the existing map and include some new missions.

      Or new instances inside. Inside a massive cathedral or catacombs.

      Still, I do not like the idea of getting a lesser game because I don't want to pay more for extra things I don't want.

        Ah couple of things... firstly get over it.

        Its business, so get used to it!

        And its a good idea for fans who want more experience and they can do so.

        You're not getting a lesser game cause you're still gonna have the main storyline. Its like saying, i don't wanna pay for DLC so i'm getting a lesser game! =(

        Wrong! If you don't want these extra maps, don't pay the extra or pre-order. No one is forcing you, its just a choice. It's not like they're saying, "Pay an extra $20 or $30 to get extra content which is actually the ending of the game" or you miss out and only get a game without an ending.

    I find art books, soundtracks, figures, making of DVDs, even night vision goggles acceptable as bonus content, but I dislike the idea of removing/withholding parts of the actual game. If they have it, (and it's final and to be included in one of the versions of the game,) it should be included with all versions.

    Jay your argument is incorrect. If they removed the side missions from the GTA games or most to all RPGs, would they be the same? By your argument it's exactly the same as you have the main storyline. The content of the game is the content of the game, side missions, mini-games and anything else. With DLC you always have the option of purchasing it later on if you decide you want it.

    Preorder bonus content is a stupid idea, what if you didn't preorder but still want it later on? Same with 'Limited' versions of games which include exclusive in-game content.

    Bonus content for another game is again something I think is completely retarded on the developers side, I understand the idea, but why should you but the special/limited version of game X if you want the content of game Y. Luckily this hasn't caught on to major content and is usually just an extra item (still annoying, but could be worse).

    I don't think any other form of media does this. Movies sell special editions, but don't offer special edits of the movie as preorder or limited edition exclusives.

    Books don't remove side plots and only include them with pre-ordered copies.

    I do understand the business and marketing side of it, but it is just idiotic. Anyway, sorry about the long post but hopefully it's got people thinking or at least discussing it.

      The extra maps here aren't even side content - they're a couple extra buildings to explore. Stop complaining. If you want them, pony up the dough (and one doesn't even require extra money!). You don't, then don't. It's a fairly simple concept to understand.

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