What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hey, it's weekend gaming time again! That means it's time to indulge my addiction to Wii Sports Resort.

It's the table tennis that's got me hooked. I love how the control scheme feels so natural. The way you can apply such wicked top spin with the right flick of the wrist is immensely satisfying. Being able to participate in some form of tournament would be a welcome addition, but the manner in which the AI challengers ramp up in ability is some compensation.

But enough about me. What are you playing this weekend?


    gonna play a bit of fat princess today if i can stand the lag. would be nice if they added some Australian servers like BF1943 did

    Hired Red Faction, finished monkey island, probly hire Mad world

    Fallout 3 still owns my life roughly 2 months later after purchase and I don't see that changing too much soon but I might wrest its control long enough to go buy Fat Princess and have a bit of a multi-player bash.

    Gears of War 2... Taking advantage of the double multiplayer XP for this entire week.

    Table Tennis is my bitch in WSR - I was utterly hooked when I played it weeks ago, and that has not changed. ~1400 points and counting, it really is terrific (despite Yahtzee's highly amusing protests)!

    fat princess for me.

    I only recently got a wii and i'm also finding that spin you can do in wii sports bowling to be really satisfying. Picked up Brawl yesterday now just waiting on my cube controller to ship in :)

    Finally got Red Faction: Guerrilla back from SONY's support center, so I'm getting stuck into that. I'll also be trying to connect to an online game of Fat Princess, as I haven't been able to as yet.

    Seriously addicted to Fallout 3 and only 86 hours in I'm going to have to get that up to 500 to match Oblivion.

    Might replay some old Visual Novels like Ef~ A Tale of Two and try out the english patch for Cross Channel

    Prefer the swordplay and archery myself, hoping they'll implement those controls in the next wii zelda. I've been playing Little King's Story, and i'm loving it. There really aren't enough games where you take over the world!

    Wipeout HD Fury and Fight Night Round 4. Only bought Fury yesterday so I'm exploring, while FNR4 both delights and infuriates me. Delighted by the online Championship that has could take over my life and infuriated by people who just want to spam the right stick. I guess I'm not good enough to shut them down but it fucking riles me royally. Box, you bastards.

    Goose, I'm happily surprised such a casual Wii game has grabbed your attention so much. Keep us updated, yeah?

    Going to try and finish Red Faction Guerrilla, just haven't been able to find the time.

    well David i'm looking at some...
    Company of Heroes
    Battlefield Heroes
    and Assassins Creed

    and probably a few too many rounds of Solitaire

    Battlefield Heroes. I'm loving this game at the moment. Quick, fun achievement missions. Simple gameplay.
    Though most of all not having to endure people accusing he 'leet' players of HaX00rInG (cough-CoD4-cough).

    Maybe a bit of Monkey Island on the iPhone too.

    im trying out the Aion beta all this weekend on my new rig. its looking pretty promising

    I'll be locking 'n' loading some Fear 2 this weekend. Looking forward to the recently announced SP DLC for it.

    Btw, anyone else who's played the game get annoyed by the noise made by your PDA when you bring it up??

    Maybe Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts. Maybe L4D. Maybe Sniper Elite. Maybe... who knows!? I've got so many cheap games I sort-of want to play, but nothing that really grips me enough to tear me away from everything else..

    Givin that Ashes 2009 Demo a good workout, getting back into WSR (the 3 point shootout and Sword Showdown are my picks), and maybe trying out the DLC for Fallout 3 on PC.

      Less than a week!

    Marvel vs Capcom 2. I don't see how I can play anything else until all the other major releases later this year.

    Picked up a cheap copy of Fable 2 so getting stuck into that with a few moments punctuated by BF1943.

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