What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Glad you asked. I'll be sneaking up on Batman: Arkham Asylum and punching it in the crotch.

I was impressed with the preview code I checked out a few weeks back. Hopefully this final version will retain the same high level of polish throughout, while also addressing some of my concerns around why Batman needs his hand held.

Also on the agenda this weekend is Shatter on PSN, catching up on 'Splosion Man on XBLA, and - oh yes - a little bit more Fallout 3.

How about you?


    I'd be replaying Guns of the Patriots and some Halo if SOMEONE HADN'T STOLEN MY 360 AND PS3 YESTERDAY :'(

    As inspired by that comic that started circulating a couple of weeks ago, I am going to get back into Persona 4.

    Felt like some XBLA Peggle. Also, another review for you guys :). PC or console Fallout 3?

    I'll be trying out Eve Online all weekend. It's US$4.99 on Steam until Monday, so I'll be playing the trial until then to see if I like it enough to cough up for it. So far it's quite interesting, lots to see and do (despite an overly complicated interface that has virtually no hand-holding in mind).

    Marvel v Capcom 2!

    Can't wait for my Hori stick. Then I'll really show those bitches...

    Ill be playing Splosion Man and a sunday sesh with new zombie map on cod5. Alot of fun.

    Fable II. Yeah, I'm behind the bell curve.

      I'm ever further behind the curve: Resident Evil Code Veronica X on PS2.

      Could never get it to work on Dreamcast *sob*.

    Marvel vs Capcom 2, Street Fighter 4, SF2THDR, and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

    Fat Princess has been patched. back to it!

    fallout 3! im in love! played it when it first came out on pc, and ive been waiting to fing it cheap for ps3 coz console gaming is sooooo much better than gaming on a pc!! ;) (42" HD LCD + ps3 + comfy lounge = im right!!)

    Finally got Uncharted for the PS3 this week and have been playing through that.

    Also Fallout 3 or watching episodes of "The West Wing". Either way I'm getting some Washington D.C. action.

    I'm currently playing 'Hangover: Constant trips to the toilet'

    But I plan to play Dead Space later

      I was definitely playing that yesterday, along with "Potential Embarrassment: Did I do or say anything horrible during that part of the night that I blacked out on?".

    Oblivion, though getting a little bored with it. Tempted to play Champions soon, but who can afford the time-wasting addiction?

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