What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Like some of you, this weekend I'll be exploring the surreal, paranoid halls of Arkham Asylum.

What I like most about the new Batman game so far is how well it conveys the sense that you are a superhero. The hand-to-hand combat is brilliantly choreographed with its sudden slo-mo close-ups when you complete a combo and supported by an uncomplicated but satisfying rhythm-based approach to swinging your fists.

I'm not yet convinced it's quite worth the stellar scores it has been receiving, but it is without doubt one of the best superhero experiences ever to grace a gaming platform.

I'm also going to finally check out The Conduit and, of course, continue my never-ending Fallout 3 adventures.

How about you?


    I am going to finally try and finish Mass Effect. Owned it since day dot but never got much further than eden prime

      WTH? I want Arkham! Whens australian release?

    Mate, I have been playing Shadow Complex all week... its fantastic.. Best arcade game to date! That baby is going to continue being pumped out at my place for a while yet!

    I'm going to prepare a presentation on the Neolithic in Europe and memorize Latin nouns, perhaps some Fallout 3 can sneak in if it's quiet enough.

    I'll be playing through Shadow Complex as I get time. I do my masters part-time and will need to use this weekend to study for a midsem exam on Saturday...

    Good times :(

    Hopefully will get a chance to play some Shadow Complex and SF4 in the middle of completing an assignment.

    Star Ocean Second Evolution and Dissidia Final Fantasy.
    Both incredibly awesome games, until now I've felt like my PSP wasn't really worth the money, but now I'm really glad I own one.

    Fat Princess!

    World of Warcraft. Just coming back now, and need to prepare for the Cataclysm. :)

    BigW have a sale on guitar hero metallica bundle for $98 so I am will try and pick that up today and rock out like lars.

    Picked up Killzone 2 via Eco Gamer for $50. Been smashing ym way through both SP and MP and having a blast.

    I'll be playing Batman as well. Also expect to play a lot of Madden 10 with my mates.

    I'm trying to work my way through my PS2 backlog, so it's going to be Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga. Also I'll probably try to get a bit closer to my inFAMOUS platinum trophy - I'm playing through again as evil, and loving it all over again

    In a misguided attempt to enact change in my life I unistalled all my games a few months back - and now in my regret I have dug through files in my computer and extracted Dead Space and a few indie steam demos. Osmos is fantastic, World of Goo is really neat, Crayon Physics Deluxe is cool too. Blueberry Garden just freaks me out a little. More than Dead Space now I think about it.

    Just got Bioshock.
    Going to smash out a much of that as I can between work and Battlefield Heroes (really love the fun gameplay and simple missions).

    Hey David, did you find out any confirmation on why Australia got Batman a week later than the rest of the planet?

    Trials HD. And maybe going back to collect all items in Shadow Complex (91% at the moment).

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