What Do You Mean It's Not Worth Localising Yakuza 3?

Time for more Fantasy! This week, we look at Sega's Yakuza 3, a game many of you would like to play, but which Sega seem intent on never releasing in the West.

Their excuse? A combination of things that basically boils down to the fact the poor performance of the first two games in the series in the West mean translating the third one isn't worth the time/effort.

And it's an excuse that just doesn't cut it. So the first game lost money? That's because you spent AAA money on a niche import title. So the second game bombed? That's what happens when you release a PS2 game in 2008.

This doesn't need to be localised into 7 European languages. English will do. Even if it's only released in the US, people from Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Singapore can import it, not to mention those elsewhere with the English skills to get by.

Come on, Sega. If you could be bothered releasing the game in Korea, you can do the same for the West. It's only fair.


    Urgh stop beating around the bush Sega.
    the fact that this games is gettin so much hype without your marketing means its popular enough to localise. just do it.
    people can fansub anime, even movies, why cant you hire people to fansub yakuza 3?

      Haha, because "fansubbers" don't sub for money. Or (in some cases, though not all), sub with or without the permission of the show owners.

      They do do a good job, though!

    I will punt a 5 year old to get my hands on a yakuza 3 I can play, don't even have to have english voices JUST GIMME SUBTITLES!

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