What I Bought From BlizzCon

What I Bought From BlizzCon

After the San Diego Comic-Con debacle, you didn’t really think I would escape BlizzCon unscathed, did you? Here’s where my money went during Blizzard’s annual fan gathering.

It wasn’t too bad this year, truth be told. Initially I came out relatively light, only picking up the Murloc nOObz figure for $US30 plus a t-shirt and Murloc plushie for a close personal friend of mine whom I hope to ply with presents. Then Stephen Totilo’s former co-worker Tracey John showed up. Tracey and I like to pal around during shows, and while I was taking photos of cosplayers and the show floor, she suggested we stop by the store, to which I said, “Sure. I’ll just… go with you and buy more stuff.” I cave so easily that people don’t even have to make an argument.

The second trip resulted in the $US30 nOObz Ragnaros, a $US30 special BlizzCon edition of the World of Warcraft comic book hardcover, and another Murloc plushie, so the first would have a friend. That’s exactly how I ended up with two cats, and I suspect it’s how Noah came up with the whole ark idea. Tracey John was probably involved somehow.


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