What The PS3 Slim Price May Mean For The PSPgo

pspgo-aussie-priceWe know the PS3 Slim will be AU$499 when it launches in two weeks. But despite being announced at the start of June, we still don't know how much the PSPgo will be when it launches in six weeks.

But the PS3 Slim price might just tell us something about the PSPgo price.

When the Slim was announced on Wednesday morning, plenty of Kotaku readers noted the large gap between the US price point of US$299 and our local price point of AU$499. We asked Sony about that and they told us to look to the European price for a better comparison.

Why? Sony Computer Entertainment Australia is a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. We're both in what the industry regards as the PAL territories. It's the way many publishers run their business. As such, Australia follows what happens in Europe, not the US.

When you convert the PS3 Slim price from British Pounds or Euros, it's roughly the same as the Aussie price.

So what does this mean for the PSPgo? Converting the UK and Europe PSPgo prices gives us a range from approximately AU$425 to AU$450.

When I asked SCEA boss Michael Ephraim two weeks ago if he felt they couldn't price the PSPgo at more than AU$400, he didn't rule it out, merely saying, "Well, we want to bring it in as cheap as we can, that’s always our objective."

I wouldn't rule it out yet either. It's possible SCEA could take a little financial hit to bring the PSPgo out at AU$399. But don't be surprised if it's a little bit more than that.


    Is anyone going to buy PSPGO for $450? that is only $50 cheaper than a PS3.

    After all there is nothing really different between a PSP3000 and a PSPGo.

    Sony finally got the message with the PS3 but i guess they want the DSi to outsell it.

    Wait... are you saying you can get a PS3 for $50-$100 more than a psp simnply cos its a download savy model? BAHAHAHA GOOD LUCK SONY!

    pretty bloody ridiculous that the price for a portable is going to be almost the same as a full blown console... isn't it?

    I mean realistically think about it... imagine you have neither item and you are standing in your local game store and you see "pspgo $400 ps3 $499"..

    which one would you buy? honestly.

    Not to mention if the psp is near the ds which is about half the price...

    scary stuff

      I already own a PS3, so I'll be grabbing the pspGo

      DSi $299 AUD
      Wii $399 AUD

      I don't think it's as simple as noting the 100$ price tag between a company's portable and home console.

      Having said that, personally I think it's a step forward for the ps3, and a step backwards for the PSP.

    $449 with GT is my guess... but it's just a hunch ;)

    PSP GO will fail in Australia due to the shocking broadband situation.

    A $399 price point is likely in my opinion and then wait till Microsoft comes out blaring that you can buy a bloody next generation console for much less then a handheld.

    Gotta say though upcoming games have me very interested again in my UMD based PSP. I'm usually an early adopter( got a DSI for instance) but the PSPGo just turns me off, don't know why.

      You should know why - it's not hard to figure out.

      It's a flawed system for this market, and grossly overpriced. I don't even know why Sony is bothering. They ought to bring our PS3 price in line with our conversion rates with the yanks to shift more PS3's, rather than get the PSPgo over here.

    Thats crap it really is.

    But do you know why they are selling it so much higher than the PSP 3000??
    Its because the retailers need to make more money on the console sale to make up for the fact they cant sell you a game with your new console.
    Retailers dont make a lot of money off of most console sales currently.

    My bet is $399, with a digital game.

    No chance. A netbook can be bought for that price.

    PSPGo is $449.95 with GT 5

    Source Sony Au:

    While you can laugh at the marginal (rumored) price difference at the PSPGo and the new PS3, keep in mind the DSi is also only $100 cheaper than the Wii. and with most retailers discounting Wii's at the moment, not even that. That's not stopping anyone from buying the DSi's.

    I won't be buying a PSP at all, the game range doesn't suit me and I don't give two hoots about downloadable games, I prefer the physical medium to keep my games shelf looking full.

    Whats the point speculating, just wait for the announcement then bitch about it. As of now you might as well spam articles that the PSP GO is $1000.

    Way to miss the point Sony!

    Honestly, I'd rather toss in the extra money and just go buy myself another friggin PS3.


    What your forgetting is that the Wii is $300-$350 some places (with games+accessories) and you can pick up a dsi for $100 cheaper if your lucky and I got a ds lite for $135.

    All of you guys are missing the point. The PSP go has a high price tag because Sony is trying to increase the sales of the PSP 3000. Stores will sell both the PSP 3000 and the PSP go.

    I wouldn't be supriced if all portable systems in the future are like the PSP go. All video game companies are trying to get rid of used games. And downloading games is a way.


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