What The PS3 Slim Price May Mean For The PSPgo

pspgo-aussie-priceWe know the PS3 Slim will be AU$499 when it launches in two weeks. But despite being announced at the start of June, we still don’t know how much the PSPgo will be when it launches in six weeks.

But the PS3 Slim price might just tell us something about the PSPgo price.

When the Slim was announced on Wednesday morning, plenty of Kotaku readers noted the large gap between the US price point of US$299 and our local price point of AU$499. We asked Sony about that and they told us to look to the European price for a better comparison.

Why? Sony Computer Entertainment Australia is a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. We’re both in what the industry regards as the PAL territories. It’s the way many publishers run their business. As such, Australia follows what happens in Europe, not the US.

When you convert the PS3 Slim price from British Pounds or Euros, it’s roughly the same as the Aussie price.

So what does this mean for the PSPgo? Converting the UK and Europe PSPgo prices gives us a range from approximately AU$425 to AU$450.

When I asked SCEA boss Michael Ephraim two weeks ago if he felt they couldn’t price the PSPgo at more than AU$400, he didn’t rule it out, merely saying, “Well, we want to bring it in as cheap as we can, that’s always our objective.”

I wouldn’t rule it out yet either. It’s possible SCEA could take a little financial hit to bring the PSPgo out at AU$399. But don’t be surprised if it’s a little bit more than that.

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