What's DJ Hero's "Through The Fire And Flames"?

Serious Guitar Hero fans know just how difficult power metal band Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and the Flames" is to play, even on a plastic guitar with five buttons. DJ Hero has its own "TTFTF" equivalent, we've learned.

According to DJ Hero lead Jamie Jackson from FreeStyleGames, the turntablism game pretty much maxes out with Scratch Pervert's mix of Noisia's "Groundhog (Beat Juggle)" on expert. Considering how clumsily I scratched my way through DJ Hero's mash ups, I asked Jackson if he'd show us just how difficult it was.

Watch Jackson tear through Noisia's "Groundhog" in the video above, which he successfully does even after hours worth of demos under his belt. We'll see how quickly it takes some 12-year-old to 100 per cent the thing while solving a series of Rubik's Cubes and a Chinese algebra test.


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