What’s Inside The BlizzCon 2009 Swag Bag?

What’s Inside The BlizzCon 2009 Swag Bag?

Too excited to wait until I got back to my hotel, I grabbed a seat at a table outside of the Anaheim Convention centre and sorted through the contents of my BlizzCon 2009 swag bag.

The swag bag this year is dominated by a box, and inside that box is the nOObz StarCraft II Raynor figure. The urban vinyl figure is simply gorgeous, tempting me to pick up a few friends for him tomorrow during the convention. Other than that, the code for the Grunty the Murloc Space Marine World of Warcraft in-game pet, and the ever-present hand sanitizer, this year’s bag is rather limited, but the quality is definitely top-notch. If you’ll excuse me, I am going to go curl up in bed with Raynor now.

The magical bag of hope and wonder.[imgclear]

YAY flyers![imgclear]

A little black box. What could be inside?[imgclear]

Hand sanitizer. Extremely important at BlizzCon, especially with so many elf cosplayers running about.[imgclear]

Inside the mysterious black box…a mini preview version of the World of Warcraft magazine, with a coupon for a free murloc with subscription. Bah.[imgclear]

Gaze upon the glory of the nOObz Raynor figure.[imgclear]

Steel Series is giving out a key that could unlock treasure, or coupons or something.[imgclear]

He begs for fondling, but I resist him.[imgclear]

The Grunty card and code was tucked inside my badge holder.[imgclear]

The back of said Grunty card.[imgclear]

Raynor in teh box.[imgclear]

Really, you just want to lick him.[imgclear]

The back of the limited edition Blizzard Authenticator…[imgclear]

And the front![imgclear]


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