What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

It's weird. Every Monday around this time I start wondering about what Good Game will be covering tonight.

And then an email from Junglist pops into my inbox. An email kinda like this one. Spook!

Here’s what you can expect on Monday night’s Good Game:

Ninja Blade – Fighting giant monsters that look like rude body parts with emo ninjas on Tokyo rooftops, in epic chase scenes and Michael Bay ‘splosions. Speaking of which...

‘Splosion Man – There is but one button: ‘Splode. A scientific experiment gone horribly wrong results in a man who can ‘splode to jump, flip switches and turn man into meat, as he escapes from what looks like a Pixar version of Black Mesa.

Madballs in Babo Invasion – Remember those old squishy toys? No? Doesn’t matter, Madballs is a deathmatch game of testicular proportions.

Plus Rod Humble, EA’s Sims wiz and think tank, will talk about games as an artistic medium.

Catch Good Game at 8:30pm on ABC2 Monday nights, or late Friday nights on ABC1 just before rage.

You can download/stream any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame

Enjoy the show!


    Good Game is the good shit

    There are many things I don't like about living in Australia, but Good Game is certainly not one of them. Bravo.

      do tell what you don't like. i'm interested...

        To reply on his behalf,

        -No R18+ rating for games, and politicians too stupid to even understand how games work
        -Impending Internet Filter, and politicians too stupid to even understand how the internet works
        -On that, some of the slowest internet speeds in the western world
        -An over emphasis on sport, which often shuns more important things
        -Video Games/Anime/Geek culture are still a fairly heavy social taboo.
        -A Federal Government that goes from Surplus to Deficit in mere months
        -A former rock star as our minister for the arts/environment
        -A populace too stupid to realize that nuclear energy is not dangerous, and is much more efficient than our antiquated coal stations.
        -On that, a government that refuses to allow our uranium to be mined when we have MORE URANIUM THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD COMBINED
        -Australia, the movie
        -Kath and Kim
        -Russel Crowe
        -(if you live in Victoria) A government so incompetent, that it fails to realize the importance of water, which we are soon to run out of
        -People too stupid to realize how good things like Dr. Pepper, Rocket Burger and Big Red chewing gum are, and force them to leave our shores due to disinterest.

        I could go on

    I don't consider myself a gamer (until this weekend I had not played a game since the arcades at Uni over 15 years ago), but I stumbled across good game channel surfing and I was so impressed by their enthusiastic review of infamous I have bought a used PS3. Their show is one of the best things on TV...


    Every time this post comes up on Monday, there is always someone out there who pipes up and shows their dislike for the show. You don't like it? How about you make your own show to your own tastes, or simply don't watch it.

    Good on Good Game for being what it is and bringing something dedicated to gaming.

    Once again I have to ask the idiot fans of another games-related TV show to... STFU. Your incessant and often illiterate trolling only serves to waste my time as I delete your comments every week.

    Thank you.

    You guys realise you can stream this off their website a few hours (or more, I don't know) before it's on ABC2?

    I was there a little while ago thinking I missed last week's, but sure enough it was tonight's episode :o

    Yeah, I love GG, and as dumb as it sounds, I love their corny jokes :)
    I just hope no one tries to rip-off your GG reviews again and put them up on Kotaku as their own work (almost word for word....) in the reader review section. Good on Kotaku for removing that review in question asap when it was pointed out to them. Just a shame some ppl resort to that sort of thing....

      you know whats a shame? that Junglist is too scared to take me on

    lol I love the corny jokes too :D They're so lame I like them :D
    thanks for the overview, I was going to watch it anyway really but I like to know in advance :P

    I just bought Splosion Man because of the Good Game review.

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