What's On Good Game TV Tonight?

How does Good Game follow-up its 100th episode? You'll find out in a few hours, but here's Junglist with a sneak preview.

Take it away, Jung!

This Monday night's ep is another huge one, with three highly anticipated games:

Batman: Arkham Asylum - It's the dark, gritty Batman inspired by the animated series, who is lured into Gotham's freakiest freakhouse by one Joker.

Wolfenstein - The game that birthed the first-person shooting genre is back, although not really developed by founders id Software. Will it live up to it's name?

Shadow Complex - Using the Unreal Engine 3 to create a massive underground complex in the vein of Metroid, it's old-school action platforming with a new twist - action is based on a 2D plane, with constant background interaction.

We'll also touch on how to justify your gaming time to the non-gamers (unenlightened) in your life.

Catch Good Game Monday nights on ABC2 @ 8:30pm, or late Friday nights on ABC1, just before rage.

Watch any episode at www.abc.net.au/goodgame. Or after 1 week, watch a higher quality version on ABC's iView service.


    The 100th ep was awesome. This week I want to see what they rate B:AA and Wolfenstein.

    And David, I like the way you post 1 post per hour. Very elegant.

    Should be a good show - 3 games I actually care about and haven't played

    about time they look at some stuff worth looking at

    As I live and breath... are they reviewing a game before it gets released?

    I like the show, I watch it because it's funny and I want to know where I can get a suit coat like the one he wears while reading the news... but they're a bit slow on the reviews.

      yeah they might be a bit slow.. but who bases their purchases on Good Game? My purchases are based on other reviews and then watching Good Game I can agree with the points they make or see the game from their perspective.
      "I want to know where I can get a suit coat like the one he wears while reading the news" - OP SHOP!

        Yeah it's nice to hear some opinion, but there are demos for all of this stuff which speaks for itself.

    People want to hear others opinion of games. Its only natural. And i respect these guys opinion.

    I'm surprised they gave Batman 8/10 seeing as Hyper Magazine gave it a 10.

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