What’s This AFL Doing In My Buzz! Quiz?

What’s This AFL Doing In My Buzz! Quiz?

afl-buzz-dudeIf you know your followers from your taggers and your floods from your rushed behinds, Sony’s got some downloadable content for you.

PlayStation trivial game Buzz! is getting a quiz pack all about Aussie Rules. The Buzz! AFL Quiz Pack will add “over 500 challenging questions baased on official AFL statistics and history” to your PS3 version of Buzz! Quiz TV or Buzz! Brain of Oz.

It’s available from the PlayStation Store right now for AU$12.95. UPDATE: Reader DansDans has noted that this price is considerably higher than other quiz packs. All but this one and a couple of National Geographic packs are priced at $8.45. We’ve asked Sony to explain the price hike.

Here’s your starter for 10: does a rushed behind, you know, hurt?


  • This would have been an 0-day purchase – but at $12.95? WTF is Sony thinking? No other question pack costs that much… It’s gone from an essential purchase to a “meh I wont bother” now until the price is more realistic. I’m sick of being ripped off in the PSN store – just like I am sick of Sony ripping me off in real life.

    • I believe there are a couple of National Geographic packs that are also $12.95. I suspect licensing fees account for the higher prices.

      • And the Video Game and Horror movie quiz packs dont have any such licencing issues? I bought the VG Quiz pack because it was reasonably priced at $8.45 – but to penalise me an extra $4.50 for an AFL pack is absurd – National Geographic is a world-wide brand. The AFL, however, is not.

  • Permission to ROFL at the picture?

    No, I am not spending north of $500 for a quiz pack. (I don’t have a PS3.)

    But a rushed behind is where the opposition team is the last team to touch the ball before it crosses the goal line, and one point is awarded to the team whose line it crossed. So no, it doesn’t hurt. Unless the game ends up with a very tight margin.

  • I’m not into the AFL at all, but bought the comedy movies and American Trivia quiz packs. They’re already overpriced, so 500 questions costing this much is ridiculous.

    They could make a lot more money by pumping out more cheaper quiz packs, rather than the very few deer ones they have now.

  • My guess is that they know they’ll sell less of this than most of the other packs, especially since they won’t sell many, if any, outside Australia, so they make it more expensive to try to make their designated profit-per-product.

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