When BioShock Came To Bondi Beach

When BioShock Came To Bondi Beach

In the early hours of this morning a collection of debris from Rapture was washed up on Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

We had heard there could be something BioShock related happening at Bondi this morning. A note from someone called Mark Meltzer instructed us to keep an eye on the shore at various locations all around the world, including our own Bondi Beach.

Undaunted by the shockingly early start, a group of intrepid Kotaku readers made the dawn trek.

Kenji described the scene as follows:

So we wake up at like 4:45am (ughhh) and get driven there and arrive around 5:50 at the beach. We got some breakfast from McDonalds then started going towards the water, following this group of about 5 people who looked as if they were there for the same reason (hardly anyone else was around). We saw this larger crowd (like 20-30) a bit further down the beach all around one spot, so we started walking towards them. When we got closer, we noticed that there were all these wine bottles ‘washed up’ on the shore, like stuck in the ground.

Everyone just stood around them not quite sure knowing what was going on. Eventually someone picked one up and noticed that there was a scroll inside the bottle. So then everyone got one (about 50 bottles and like 30 people so enough for one each). They had ‘ARCADIA’ on the label and ‘Product of Rapture’ at the bottom. Anyway the scroll things inside were three posters from the game, advertising Rapture, Lightning Plasmids and Decoy Plasmids. Unfortunately nothing actually ‘happened’ at 6:41am, so after a while everyone just left. On a side note, it was absolutely freezing; the water was at about 6*C and there was one man swimming in his speedos.

Not sure if it matters or if it significant at all, but the bottom of the bottle has the word ‘Ball’ inscribed on it, as well as a number. I got two bottles and one is 2, the other 3. My two friends also got a 1 and a 4.

Reader Jonty noted that the flyer for Rapture said “that we were chosen for our drive and love of choice to come to Rapture. No real new details but quite a bit of fun.”

Reader James noticed that “an anagram of BioShock was put into the sand, but I only saw, ‘HKOCS'”

Finally, reader Alistair snapped these excellent pics of the beach scene and also closeups of the posters.


Thanks to Kenji, Jonty, James and Alistair, and everyone else who emailed us about this.


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