Which PS3 Box Art Is Better For Europe?

PS3 "soul breeding" game Record of Agarest War is being released in Europe by Ghostlight. The publisher has entertained two choices for box art.

The Japanese original and the new, more realistic "Westernised" 3D art. Can you guess which is which? (Don't let the PEGI rating give the answer away!)

After getting complaints feedback, Ghostlight has decided to go with the original Japanese art.


    the original is much better... god that other one is just so.... ugly!! =|

    Thank God, yeah..

    It's not the 90's, we don't have to be protected from other cultures, thx.

    BAD LUCK.....OZ always get delay and ugly box art....

    Generally for me when scanning a store I usually scan for the Asian/Anime-style boxart because usually the other games are either 'bad' hollywood-based games, sports games which I am not interested in other such games.

    If they had chosen the left boxart I would have ignored/skipped it when browsing.

    Yea and while we're at it why dont we compare pizza to bread & butter.

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