Who Won That Lost Planet 2 Plushie?

lp2-daniel-sOn Wednesday we offered you the chance to win a Lost Planet 2 plush toy to coincide with the release of the game's demo over Xbox Live. Here's who won.

We asked you to caption one of two pics of the plushie. We hand-picked seven of our favourites and sent them to Lost Planet 2 distributor THQ to choose a winner. Up there is the entry from Daniel S that they picked. Well done, Daniel!

Below are the other six finalists who win nothing the pleasure of entertaining their fellow Kotaku readers. Thanks guys!








    awww I didn't win..oh well. Mine it the 4th one. MOAR COMPS KOTAKU!

    lol a deserved winner - congrats

    hmmm i also submitted a nom nom nom related picture...
    how many of those were there?

      Quite a few!

    Official Nintendo Magazine level of talent here

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