Who Won Those Copies Of Sacred 2?

All last week we were giving away collectors editions of action-RPG Sacred 2 to Kotaku readers who could prove their role-playing mettle. Who were they?

We had two PS3 collectors editions and two Xbox 360 collectors edition up for grabs. To win, you had to write a journal entry of your quest to win this competition. The competition was fierce and it seemed you all enjoyed the opportunity to indulge your creative writing abilities. So here are the four winners, plus their journal entries so you can all enjoy them.

The first PS3 winner was "loke":

King Darvid, your mentor on the winding journey called life has suggested that you attempt to solve a dispute over the ownership of a ’sacred’ goose a mysterious animal he procured and found after his conquests in the lands of Kutako.

Darvid provided you with a suggestion, namely to return to him with what must surely be an epic describing his exploits which will be sung of and recited within his majesty’s very own royal halls until kingdom come.

You left on a journey of self discovery in order to gather ideas, to put into verse which took only the better part of one evening. During the time you spent sitting on one spot this is all you could come up with:

Oh Darvid tamer of thy gamer masses set forth a great challenge. During one of his conquests he foundeth the sacred goose when he stumbleth in a puddleth of muddleth, to which he raised a toast in praised. A goose, why, not another creature existed that was of nobler nature other than man. From his perch upon his throne, Darvid, generous as only he can be proposed the deliverance of the goose into different hands. Oh how generous can one be to gift such value to a stranger though alas I must admit that a human of lowly stature such as me, unfortunately lack the means of which to house the goose.

Darvid was highly impressed by the length of attention span and effort exhibited in your epic and granted that you would know his judgement within the a day. That is not to say that you would receive the goose but take into consideration your entry.

Darvid vacates his throne in order to retire to his chambers. You have done all you can to convince Darvid. The decision rests within his hands.

You retire to bed to await his final decision tomorrow.

The second PS3 winner was "Ryan Norris":

Hero Journal, Entry 37

Today after a hard day I retired from the concrete jungle to my favorite watering hole, The Kotaku. They make one mean cup of mead and usually have a few quests up on the notice board.

The master of the watering hole, one Sir Wildgoose seemed to have done just that. ‘Win a copy of Scared 2′ it begun. Eagerly I read the quest to see what beast I had to slay, or how many coins I needed to gather but there was nothing like that. I was very confused. It was something I just couldn’t grasp. I’m a fighter not a thinker Sir Wildgoose.

Maybe mummy was right when she said I should have taken some points in intelligence and wisdom. “Brawn will only get you so far young man” she used to say waging that finger of hers at me.

So how do I win this ‘Scared 2′? I don’t even know what it is yet I know I MUST have it! and I certainly cant work out what this quest is all about so what do I do. Some thinker is bound to come up with the answer and take the prize. Bloody thinkers!

Most thinkers wouldn’t even have half the strength I have….

THAT’S IT! Sir Wildgoose will announce tomorrow here at The Kotaku who the winner is and im sure they will be about to collect there prize, ‘Scared 2′ so I will just wait until they claim it and then as they walk out wait behind that wagon outside and introduce them to my little 2 little friends, slide n dice and see how well their intelligence & wisdom work after I chop their head in 2!

How good is this! I will just sit here and wait. The fire is warm, the mead is strong and the entertainment is the best in town and no need for any thinking at all.

See mummy, you don’t need intelligence and wisdom after all! You would be so proud me.

Signed X

The first Xbox 360 winner was "Jarrard":

I began to write this journal entry in an attempt to win a competition. The competition will entitle me to the glorious prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360 if won, as the title explains “WIN! The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360″.

I laugh at my sharp wit as i explain the obvious of what the competition prize is in the exact words used in the competition title.

Suddenly, it dawned on me. I would soon run out of words to write, to put me far above and beyond the rest of the entries to win the amazing prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

Words start to repeat themselves as i scramble my mind for more to say, to stretch out my journal. To make it a decent size worthy of the prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

All seemed hopeless as i realised i had repeated “The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360″ 4 times, now 5, 32 words now 40 of my now 179 word journal in an attempt to win the competition.

At that point in my journal entry 22.3% of my journal was merely repeating the competition name.

So i sit here, and i wait, biting my nails in anticipation in hope of the glory of winning The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

And the final winner, also of the Xbox 360 version, was "sofari":

Summer, Year of the Jackson.

Dear Journal. Today began as the previous dozen. Wandering the city of Kotakucomau looking for heroic ways to earn a crust.

Most of the Merchants today were engrossed in the ongoing price war between white and black monoliths. Black monolith’s boldy decided to reduce their size and price, and white had counterattacked by adding pigeon messenger support.

Sat amongst the braying salesman was a man hunched over an empty table, his face obscured by a dark smock. He beckoned me over with a bony finger.

“Come here sssofari” he hissed, “and tell me a tale.” “A tale? Of what” I asked. “A tale of ssuch heroissssm, that moves me to part with the preshusss sssacred the sssecond” “But such a tale I lack! I have no quest to tell thee of! Who art thou haggered man?” “I am The Wildgoossse, return here with a tale of ssucesss two hours after the sun’s highessst point tomorrow”

With those words dear journal, the Wildgoose disappeared into the shadows, leaving me in the hubbub of the monlolith wars.

I was confused. How did The Wildgoose know my name? What was the Sacred 2? Why did I desire that which until only recently I had no knowledge of? The more I thought of this, the louder the crowd grew, monolith fans who had already committed to a particular colour had begun yelling incoherently at those aligned with the other. I could not think. The crowd stopped speaking and began yelling the ancient battle cry of the Fanbuoys “STFUGTFOLOLROFL!”

I clutched my head at the temples, collapsed to my knees and then… I pounced. Landing on the table that so recently The Wildgoose had occupied I raised my arms, as though reaching to embrace the masses, and spoke to the crowd:

“Sirs! Ladies! Can you not see that all we are doing is distancing ourselves from our neighbour! Are we not all Children of Kotakucomau? The monolith’s are but possessions, with only the subtlest differences between them! Did the mighty Jackson not say ‘ it don’t matter if you’re black or white?’ In this City of all places! A city where we can hide from the masses who look at our love for the monoliths with wry grins. Can we not agree to disagree?”

And then dear Journal, I must have collapsed, the next thing I remember was waking to the sound of two bells, the sun burning my face.

Above me stood The Wildgoose. “I have no quest to tell you!” I cried “reasoning with the Fanbuoys drained me of all energy, and I have laid here for what must be an entire day!” “Are you so sure? Rise Sssofari, and behold Kotakucomau…” I looked around the City. All was silent. My vision was blurred. I could see resting figures all around, it seemed as though they were all clutching monoliths.

“You have ended the monolith war Sssofari…” he hissed “peace has returned.” “How so?” I asked, “have they united under the banner of a shared love?” “No Sssofari, they are all dead, your recklessss use of the mystic Commonsense destroyed them.”

With that, he handed me The Sacred 2.

Thanks to everyone who entered, congratulations to the four winners and commiserations to everyone else. Winners, I'll be contacting you today to arrange delivery of your prizes.



    congrats to the winners... and here i was thinking i might be able to win on originality and mad break beats...

    My whiteness consumes me.. lol

    Well done guys - some top shelf stuff there! :D

    Hurrah! Wished I'd checked for typos before putting it up - then again, MonLOLith fits somehow :)

    Aww I lost

    Congrats to the winners! This was a fun competition. There should be more writing comps I think. Easy enough to enter and fun as hell.

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