Why Female Screams And Peeing Were Cut From Postal

Why Female Screams And Peeing Were Cut From Postal

The Postal series has been a lighting rod. While the series hasn’t necessary push the envelope in gaming, it has pushed it in regards to what is acceptable in gaming.

But exactly is that? Lead Designer Steve explains, “Well, it was kind of weird and amusing when we had to cut all the female moans and screams out of Postal I for release in Britain due to sensitivity surrounding the tragic death of Princess Diana. Interestingly, we had problems with the pissing in Postal II in America. It seems that some consider it a “sex act”. It’s ironic because the only reason we put it in the game was to provide a method of putting yourself out when you caught on fire! …We were so naive…”

Peeing is a sex act in America when you’re on fire? That’s hot. No, really, it is.

Sandbox title Postal III is slated for the Xbox 360, PC, Mac and the PS3.

Interview for Postal III (PC) [UGDB][Pic]


  • I hate censorship, honestly .. its not like we dont see all this shit all over the internet .. censorship needs to come to an end … !! SICK OF IT!!!


  • Hey Brendan, not true!! We also banned Reservoir Dogs! That one I didnt agree with, but ManHunt was rubbish. NZ looks at the content as well as the context in which you are doing stuff and also If it is fun!? ManHunt has terrible Gameplay, S*1T game mechanics and was not fun at all, Simple snuff game!!!
    The ability to make a woman drop to her knees and beg for her life and then piss on her was why we banned Postal 2.
    Trust me I was there!!

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