Why Sony Ditched The Spider-Man PS3 Font

Since the console launched in 2006 until the official announcement of the new, slimmer machine, the PS3 has been written in the same font used for Sony's Spider-Man 3 movie.

What's more, the official way to type out the name was in ALL CAPS.

The new console iteration ditches both in favour of either the PlayStation 3 or simply the PS3. There's new font, too! When asked by The Times why the font was changed, Sony Computer Entertainment exec Kaz Hirai replied that the company wanted to "set a new direction for the PS3." And what better what to do that than by resetting the logo, Hirai asked.

The new PS3 Slim — which Sony is selling at a loss — also helps Sony transition into a new chapter in the PS3's lifespan.

The logo change, however, was inspired more than merely giving the console a re-start. "On a practical level, when you have PlayStation 3 spelt out, the aspect ratio was such that if you wanted it on a billboard it became tiny," Hirai said. "It didn't work in terms of visibility." Thank tiny text for for killing the Spider-Man font. Thank you, tiny text.

Sony boss reveals plans for PlayStation [Times Online]


    I prefer the Spider-Man font.

      ...and now you will be shot

    I don't.

    I like the new PlayStation font, but I hate the new PS3 logo <.<

    Without reading the article and to continue on from the title of the article...

    ...Because they are idiots!

    They could have the logo in Times New Roman for all I care.

    The important thing is they've finally got the price right.

    who the fuck cares

    haha funny i remember picking up on the spiderman font straight away...attention to detail

    Whoaaah its the spiderman font?!

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