Wi-Fi Company Sues Nintendo, Sony

Bandspeed, a company specialising in wi-fi networks, has filed a patent infringement suit against Nintendo, Sony and Apple, claiming devices from all three companies cut a little too close to two patents they hold.

At the heart of the lawsuit are three devices - the PS3, Wii and iPhone 3G - which Bandspeed allege violate their patents relating to "managing wireless communication channels using frequency hopping".

The suit was filed last week, so there's not really much more to it than that, but you've got to wonder, why just the Wii and PS3? What about the PSP and DS? Their Wi-fi not good enough for a lawsuit, huh?

Wi-Fi Oh No! Bandspeed Sues Sony, Nintendo and Apple [patent arcade]


    Yeah sup widdat yo? Mah PSP not gud enough foh yo legal acshon?

    i swear, there should be a time limit on sueing for infringement. All these no name companies wait until the big 3 have made so much money so they can get a bigger cut.

    Sounds like a case of the vibration crap with MS & Sony and that company with their controllers.

    Will Sony defend themselves all the way to end up losing the battle? Or will they pull a Microsoft and settle out of court?

    What will Nintendo do & do we even care what Apple does?

    Find out on the next episode of...

    give me a break

    here we go again... lol

    WTF. Now it's getting so ridicolous, you can't tell if there serious, or just doing for the sake of it.

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