Wii Game More Explicit, Has Fewer Bubbles Than PS2 Version

When you think of the Nintendo Wii, banana bathtub eating doesn't come to mind. Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper brought that and cleaning to the Nintendo console. But is the upcoming PlayStation 2 version even saucier?

From these screenshots, it doesn't seem to be nearly as risky as the Wii one. Compare the images: Wii version on the left, PS2 version on the right.

The PlayStation version is dubbed Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper H. The "H" does not stand for "sex" as it sometimes does in Japanese, but according to the title, it's refers to "Hyper". It's a knowing pun of sorts.

Cleaning Squadron Clean Keeper has players clean a high school in heaven that's been polluted by the "Filth Devil." Winning in-game battles rewards players with CG scenes. The one-player game is rated 15 years old and up, and it will be released in Japan on the PS2 on October 1.

PS2版『お掃除戦隊くりーんきーぱーH(はいぱー)』はソニーチェックが厳しい様です [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃]


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