Wii Remote Used For Holograms You Can "Touch"

Using a concave mirror, Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display and Wii Remotes, University of Tokyo researchers have created a tangible hologram projector.

The mirror makes the hologram appear to be "floating" in the air, while the Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display shoots focused ultrasonic waves to create the feeling of a holographic ball or holographic rain falling on one's hand.

The Wii Remotes? They're used to track movement — just one of many non-gaming uses scientist people are finding for Nintendo's hardware.

Touchable Holography [University of Tokyo via @GreatDismal via Pink Tentacle]


    this shit just got real


    Virtual hookers are only a few years away.

    Oh joyous day!

      You mean we can finally do cortana instead of just jerking off to pictures of her?! indeed this is a joyous day!

    Sure would be interesting to see this applied to gaming.

    This will most likely stay in the closet along with other pieces of technology including: 1tb DVD disc that doesn't work in DVD players and solid memory cubes that'll ruin your bank savings.

    Screw applying this to games...Where are my holo-projecting PCs...WHERE IS MY HOLO-DECK?!?!?

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