Wii Sports Resort Conquers European Charts, Hearts As Well

Anyone doubting the sales potential of a game with the words "Wii Sports" in the title need only look at some figures from Europe, which reveal the game is selling even more there than it is in the US.

Last we saw, Wii Sports Resort has sold 500,000 copies in the US since launch. And that was earlier this week. In roughly the same timeframe, it's sold 600,000 copies in Europe. Add that to the 350,000+ sales its racked up in Japan, and yes, we're looking at our first serious challenger for "biggest-selling game of the year".

Wii Sports Resort Tops 600,000 In Europe [Edge]


    Its not a bad game too, which helps. Really ahowcases the Motion +, which also works really well with Tiger. My girlfriens loves the basketball, its got some meat at least

    Nintendo take note! Different games will sell differently in different regions, SHOCK! HORROR!, but it's true just cause NOA can't sell it doesn't mean there's no point releasing in another region.

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