Wii Sports Resort Is Now Officially Overcrowded

Wii Sports Resort Is Now Officially Overcrowded

wii_wii_sports_resort_hi_res_ss11Wii Sports Resort is already a million seller in Japan, a chart topper in the US and also number one in the UK. And now we know it’s doing pretty damn well in Australia too.

Nintendo told us Wii Sports Resort has sold just sold its 100,000th copy in Australia. That is a crazy high number of units in just four weeks.

But it deserves it, I feel. Personally, I’ve found Resort possesses far more longevity than Wii Sports did. I barely touched the original, but I keep finding myself returning to a few select Resort events to better my previous record or unlock the higher level challenges.

Expect to see Wii Sports Resort at the top of the Aussie charts for many, many months to come.


  • It may deserve it in the retrospect that it’s better than Wii Sports. Wii Sports is only so popular cause it’s bundled. It has become one of those phenomenon from it though. It would have been very successful if it wasn’t bundled, but with only 5 games, no thanks!

    But just because it’s better than the original, doesn’t mean it ‘deserves’ to be such a high seller and warrant a lot of praise! I mean if you’re looking for decent Wii games you look no further than Mario Kart or Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. & World at War.

    But no, Wii Sports Resort is no game that will be in record books for quality as such.

  • Wii Sports is up there with the best of them Jay, Mario Kart, Galaxy and Smash Bros are all great games but so is Wii Sports Resort. There is some dud event in the game but the ones like Sword Fighting and Ping Pong show depth that some full retail games of the same genre don’t show.

  • I love swordplay and archery, with the wii motion, bowling is a pain in the rear to get the right spin. its fun with the kids

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