Wii Sports Resort Sells Half A Million In 8 Days

Nintendo's follow up to the best-selling game of all time, Wii Sports, is off to a good start in the United States. The company boasted today of Wii Sports Resort's first week sales, some 500,000 copies in eight days.

That's still a long way from the more than 45 million copies the original game sold, but Wii Sports Resort, with its included Wii MotionPlus peripheral, likely won't stop there. The game moved over 360,000 in its first week on sale in Japan, passing the 763,000 mark in the country as of last week, according to sales tracker Media Create.

Nintendo of America estimates one Wii Sports Resorts sale every 1.5 seconds, give or take a fraction, between its release on July 26 and August 3.


    Wii Sports is NOT the biggest selling game of all time.

    Retract that comment. It doe NOT deserve a title in the Guiness Book of Records for such title.

    Single, retail versions. Yes. But games bundled with a console permanately without a choice, just not give a game the right to claim Best Selling Game of All-Time.

    I believe, Pacman has surpassed Wii Sports "45 million" anyway. Digitally & all. Over XBL & PSN, PC over the years, the orignal pacman has sold well over 45 million i say.

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