William Shatner Falls For Shatter Prank

William Shatner Falls For Shatter Prank

New Zealand developer Sidhe Interactive recently received a cease and desist letter from Captain James T. Kirk’s lawyers claiming their new game SHATNER infringed several of the actor’s copyrights.

Thing is, Sidhe’s game isn’t called SHATNER. It’s actually SHATTER, released a couple of weeks ago via the PlayStation Network.

Turns out, according to GameSetWatch, Shatner’s lawyers were fooled by a website prank claiming Sidhe was releasing Shatter DLC that “would replace the game’s blocks with disembodied heads resembling the actor’s Capt. Kirk character from Star Trek.”

Check the full GameSetWatch report for more, including the Sidhe’s amusing written response to Shatner’s lawyers.

Shatner’s Lawyers Send Cease And Desist To Shatter Developer [GameSetWatch]


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