WIN! A Lost Planet 2 Plush Toy

lp2-plushieThe demo for Capcom's co-op shooter Lost Planet 2 hits Xbox Live tonight. To celebrate being swallowed by a giant salamander, we've got this cool Lost Planet 2 plush toy to give away.

This guy's the boss monster you'll face in the demo. He is rather less terrifying in plush form, it must be said. You can watch him in action here though for a taste of what the demo has in store.

To win the toy, all you have to do is caption that pic up there or the one down there. Send your captioned pics to the usual address by midday Thursday (that's tomorrow!) and I'll pick the best.



    Lol thats awesome.


    i'm soooo allll over this!

    only one entry Dave, or multiple is ok?

    That's a pretty ugly toy.

    Does caption also include photoshop work done to the pic?

    ahhh the japanese they'll eat anything

    Sent, hope you got it

    Little pgi next to it looks like it's from MH.

    Very awesome game indeed

    Eskimo kisses!!

    when will you choose? the suspense is killing me!

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