WIN! Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP Bundle

DISSIDIA_A2_POSTER:SOFD_A2_POSTER()Show us your best Final Fantasy hair and you could win yourself a copy of Dissida: Final Fantasy… or even a PSP.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a fighting game exclusive to the PSP. It brings together a host of characters from Final Fantasy lore, including Cloud, Tidus, Squall, Kefka, Sephiroth and Jecht, to name but a few. As you’d expect, as well as the one-on-one combat, there’s plenty of RPG style character upgrading and customisation to be done in between.

Thanks to distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got a bunch of Dissidia prizes to give away. The main prize is the Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP bundle (containing a PSP-3000 and copy of the game), plus three runners-up will each score a copy of the game and a lovely double-sided poster (pictured).

To win, we want to see your Final Fantasy hair.

You know how Final Fantasy characters are famous for their zany hairstyles. Well, we want you to out-zany even the zaniest. Your hair doesn’t have to mimic an existing character, but it must give off that Final Fantasy vibe.

You will need to submit your entry as a photo, that is, a photo of a real person. No illustrations, please. All photos must include you displaying the word Kotaku in some way (print-out of this page, hand-scrawled on your hand, tattooed on your forehead, etc) as proof you haven’t just ripped the pic off a cosplay website of the legitimacy of your entry.

NOTE: Sorry guys, photoshop ain’t allowed. The photo must be of a real person with a hairstyle made of real things. Wigs and other accessories are fine, but no digital manipulation or enhancement please. We really just want you to get creative, so ignore that you've just had a #1 cut all over and use your imagination.

Entries close Sunday, August 30, at midnight. Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


    i can't find the novelty wig i had to make something for this... well i guess i'm out... good luck to everyone!

    I just got my hair cut 2 days ago... I'm out :(

      I'm in the same boat! Curse the current warm trend making me think it was time to ditch the winter coat for a invigorating #1 blade! All I can do is shave "Kotaku", true to font form, in what's left.

    I got an idea for a cool haristyle, but it will take me hours of craftwork, eh, i want that psp dammit!!

    Hmmm, there's nothing there that says it has to be head hair....

    What? So I have hairy ears and was thinking to get my Cait Sith face on...

      This is the kind of creative thinking I like.

    I had blue paint dumped in my hair, this might go well.

    Are we allowed to wear bodily accessories to better appear as certain characters we may be attempting to portray? Or will everything below the neck in the photo be cut out or completely ignored when judged?

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