WIN! Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP Bundle

WIN! Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP Bundle

A new Final Fantasy game is out on PlayStation Portable next week. Here’s your chance to win a copy, as well as one Dissidia PSP console bundle.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a fighting game exclusive to the PSP. It brings together a host of characters from Final Fantasy lore, including Cloud, Tidus, Squall, Kefka, Sephiroth and Jecht, to name but a few. As you’d expect, as well as the one-on-one combat, there’s plenty of RPG style character upgrading and customisation to be done in between.

Thanks to distributor Ubisoft, we’ve got a bunch of Dissidia prizes to give away. The main prize is the Dissidia Final Fantasy PSP bundle (containing a PSP-3000 and copy of the game), plus three runners-up will each score a copy of the game and a lovely double-sided poster.

To win, we want to see your Final Fantasy hair.

You know how Final Fantasy characters are famous for their zany hairstyles. Well, we want you to out-zany even the zaniest. Your hair doesn’t have to mimic an existing character, but it must give off that Final Fantasy vibe.

You will need to submit your entry as a photo, that is, a photo of a real person. No illustrations, please. All photos must include you displaying the word Kotaku in some way (print-out of this page, hand-scrawled on your hand, tattooed on your forehead, etc) as proof you haven’t just ripped the pic off a cosplay website of the legitimacy of your entry.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, photoshop ain’t allowed. The photo must be of a real person with a hairstyle made of real things. Wigs and other accessories are fine, but no digital manipulation or enhancement please.

Entries close Sunday, August 30, at midnight. Good luck!

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  • is it ok to submit a photoshop entry of someone other than myself if i can prove i did the photoshop work myself?

      • good luck finding one of those in Aus mate.

        You’ll have to look for an Echidna. But if you can find one and tape it to your head, i’d personally buy you the game. HAHA

  • Ok well i’ll just get some wax and tease up my… oh right… I’m starting to go bald.. so that won’t work -_-.

    I guess i’ll do my hair as Rude from the Turks then. Will that count?

  • I’m so all over this,
    Although i only want to win the game itself as i already won a PSP3000 with the last comp, so someone else certainly deserves it more than i do.

    Dave, quick couple of questions:
    1. how many entries are permitted? is multiple ok like with the moster hunter one?

    2. What do people like me with shorter do, as i just won’t be able to get it zany enough? Do we photoshop it? Draw hair on?… or just try to make do with what we have lol

  • now… to track down that hairdresser who has the habit of lopping off my ponytail and get her to start doing crazy styles to my hair… should be able to pull off at least 3… where’s my wax gone off to…

    • It’s all about making it open to the biggest number of people.. If David had’ve said “Code me up an awesome Final Fantasy tribute in C++ or flash”, there goes a large chunk of the readership’s ability to enter.

      Now if only I had enough hair (on my head or beard) to do something with. Not that I need to win this, given I’ve sunk a fair amount of time into an import copy (with help from gamefaqs & some wiki sites) and have the English CE on pre-order already. September won’t come fast enough 🙁

    • I think the creative comps like this are the best, even if you dont win, you still have a lot of fun with it and everyone has a laugh in the end

      I’ll take this over text based comps anyday

    • yeh?
      and what kind of comp would you like?

      FF erotic fan fiction?
      Potato sack race?
      Maybe a race around the world that is just bound to wind us all up in some sort of wacky hijinks?

      Kotaku does heaps of different comps, recently including edited pics, short stories, tag lines and limerics to name a few.

      And this isn’t a pic competition anyway. It’s a design your own crazy hair comp.

      So quit complaining and get to it

  • dammnnnnnnnn I wish you had given us more notice, I would have grown my hair really long for months on end to win this but it’s really short atm 😐 Not Final Fantasy like atm at all :'(

  • Still unknown if multiple entries are allowed? I guess I’ll send a few and choose one that I’d rather over the others.

    And I just know I’m gonna forget to have the Kotaku logo somewhere…

  • David, I’ve got a shot of me all Final Fantasy-ised for last Halloween. Am I able to send that off to you with an additional picture of my normal self with a timestamp and the word Kotaku somewhere to prove that it was me?

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