WIN! The New Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC For Xbox 360

The first Red Faction: Guerrilla DLC is out today for Xbox 360 and PS3. Called Demons of the Badlands, it stars a new main character, new areas, missions and plenty of other stuff, too. Wanna win a download code?

THQ has sent us 10 download codes for the Xbox 360 version. These entitle you to a free download of Demons of the Badlands.

To win, you're gonna have to find the codes. At various points today, I'll add a couple of codes to this post. First person to redeem them gets the prize.

I'm also going to hide a couple of codes in some recent posts (sometime in the last week). Again, first person to find them and redeem them gets the prize.

Finally, I'm going to post a couple on the Kotaku Australia twitter feed, so keep your eye on that, too. I might even post one on my personal twitter feed, too. Maybe.

Everyone who wins, leave a comment noting which code you used so I can track which ones have been taken. Good luck!

UPDATES: 1st code is... TKT9T-P4CW3-93MK7-XCG98-HWHMB All three codes hidden in old posts have been claimed. One code has now been posted to our twitter feed (kot_au) and claimed! 2nd code is... XPB6X-M4YTM-KXQGY-GH8VY-H39D3 2nd code has now been posted to our twitter feed (kot_au) and claimed! One code has been posted to my personal twitter feed... and claimed! 3rd code has now been posted to our twiter feed (kot_au) and claimed! 3rd code is... G2HR6-KDBRC-XJYD6-YYHG8-K9DYG And that's a wrap.


    Watching this space like a hawk.

      Damn, was not fast enuff :(

    Damn... Cheers! Love me some Red Faction!!

    1st Code is… TKT9T-P4CW3-93MK7-XCG98-HWHMB

    ah just in time too, the lack of games this month has been killing me so much i started replaying RF:G Campaign mode, some new content couldn't drop at a better time.

    So... how do you exactly redeem the codes?

      You can login to or via the 360 dashboard, go to the Marketplace and select the Redeem Code option.

    I hate being at work

      Yo Dave, if you find a code, just log in to -> go to marketplace -> redeem code

      Having not used my 360 for a hell of a long time, their website even longer...

      Wasn't there an upgrade to the Marketplace to still use Codes? so you can buy online (or redeem) and download when you get home?

      1. Login to

      2. Click on My Account >> Redeem Code

      3. Profit!

      On your 360 hit the guide button then go left to Marketplace and Redeem Code.

      or probably faster to get the code in quickly sign into and use the marketplace - redeem code option there.

    Just redeemed HX99C-YDKYW-Q2HX9-Y2CDT-PMKFJ from the Just How Crazy Are Those Xbox 360 Games On Demand Prices? post. Thanks!

    THQ didn't organise some PS3 love? Shame on you THQ!!!

    I'm sure it would be possible to get some PS3 Codes also...

    So if we arent at home on our xbox we cant redeem the code? sweet competition.

      You can do it online at

    Just redeemed MKCF2-Y6VF2-H3H4Y-4P2R4-2VB8B from the Here's What A Steam Sale Can Do... story :) CHEERS!

    Got the one from the Bungie remake story.


    Thank you very much, Mr Wildgoose.

    The Twitter code has already been redeemed, but not by me :(

    So what time does it come online for download?

    So what, they can push DLC out easily enough, but they can't get a PC version up and running yet?

    Hi David - I'm going to rant...
    It would be nice if, for the next comp that you cater for people who work and not sit all day at mum's place playing games?
    I would have loved to have had a change to win a code for this, not going to because my 360 does not travel to work with me, boo hiss, whine, gripe etc..


    Sorry..should have read the comments first before ranting!

    thanks dudes! just got code 2

    Punkarella i agree, even though YES people can redeem the coda via xbox live online, i dont sit online refreshing the twitter feed and searching through articles for codes...make it fair so we all have a chance.

    how many are left and which thing should we be watching

      Three to go. One here, one on the kot_au twitter and one on my own.

    Hmmm, keep missing out and its not on marketplace yet so I can't buy it. >:(

    When the hell is this going up on marketplace? Its still not on there.

    Just snagged the code on your personal Twitter David

    It's funny, since the compy was put up, I've been refreshing every 5-10 minutes (I missed the last codes by minutes)... But I'm glad now I didn't go up and buy a 1500 point card to purchase this DLC.

    Red Faction is a freakin' awesome game.

    thanks for wasting my day refreshing this shit at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how bout a comp we can just enter next time?

    missed both, man thers some fast people out there, hope they people that are getting these codes, actually play the game *evil eye*

      want to know what is going to really bum you out? i work for a game retailer and got my copy of the game free as a promo and I snagged one of the codes this morning. nuts to paying for anything.

    Damn it! worst time to go for a smoke. Missed the last one.

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