WIN! The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On PS3

sacred-2-ps3Here's your second and final chance to score Sacred 2 on PS3. Plus, we reveal who won the Xbox 360 version up for grabs yesterday.

UPDATE: Thursday's draw is now closed. To win the final Xbox 360 version go here.

To recap: on Tuesday we gave away one PS3 collectors edition of Sacred 2 and yesterday we gave away one Xbox 360 collectors edition of Sacred 2, thanks to distributor Madman Interactive. Today it’s the turn of the PS3 edition while Friday is the second and final 360 day. Make sure you leave your entry in the comments of the correct post!

How do you enter?

RPGs are all about questing, adventure and the life of your character. Your character journal or quest log is the record of that life.

To be in the running to win, I want you to write a journal entry of your quest to win this competition. The most creative, imaginative, funny and/or well-written prose will win. I’m not going to set any word limit on this, but… just don’t go nuts, ok?

Just remember, your journal entry is about your quest to win the competition. We've seen some great entries so far that I just couldn't give the prize to because they were describing some other irrelevant quest.

Leave your entry in the comments between now and 2pm tomorrow when the next post goes up. And good luck!

The 360 winner for Tuesday is “Jarrard”, whose entry was pitched perfectly to appeal to my appreciation for incredibly lame jokes. Here it is in full:

I began to write this journal entry in an attempt to win a competition. The competition will entitle me to the glorious prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360 if won, as the title explains “WIN! The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360″.

I laugh at my sharp wit as i explain the obvious of what the competition prize is in the exact words used in the competition title.

Suddenly, it dawned on me. I would soon run out of words to write, to put me far above and beyond the rest of the entries to win the amazing prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

Words start to repeat themselves as i scramble my mind for more to say, to stretch out my journal. To make it a decent size worthy of the prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

All seemed hopeless as i realised i had repeated “The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360″ 4 times, now 5, 32 words now 40 of my now 179 word journal in an attempt to win the competition.

At that point in my journal entry 22.3% of my journal was merely repeating the competition name.

So i sit here, and i wait, biting my nails in anticipation in hope of the glory of winning The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.


    Today, I sat, I played, I conquered.

    ahha yeh i realised mine was irrelevant about 10 minutes after i posted and i've been kicking myself since..
    seems i misread the guidlines... oh well.. Friday, the prize shall be mine :)

    Dear Journal,
    My first attempt at winning the "Sacred 2 on PS3" competition failed miserably. I can still hear the high pitches cackle of the Kotaku staff after denying me the prize. "Curse you all", i screamed, as i shook my fist in the air with vigour.

    My second attempt will be better than the first, I promised myself. Filled with more "teh wittah" and "epic lolz" than all that have come before me. But what to write? How can i be witty and funny at the same time, when I have no writing skills? I sat and thought for what seemed like an eternity, coming up empty i gave up.

    "But wait, I know what to do!" i said out aloud, hoping no one heard me talking to myself. I will simply appeal to the collective Kotaku Ego.

    "Oh Beloved Kotaku Ego", i said as i bent down on my knees. Grant me my one wish which only you can, to play Sacred 2 on my humble PS3. Allow me to bask in the glory of Sacred 2 and gain trophies to improve my PSN Level. Your magnificent-ness, please let me obtain this prize so i can praise you forever as the giver of entertainment! I beg of you, o Grand Master of everything that is good and great in this world, bestow upon me Sacred 2!

    If not will you take this clown as a trade for a copy of Sacred 2 for PS3?

    Journal update #343 August 27th

    Trapped again. You pause to scan the desolate, post-apocalyptic desktop landscape for a glimmer of hope, but it serves only to remind you of the truth. You are doomed to spend the afternoon doing productive work activity. Your quest for the ultimate distraction, the penultimate procrastination, doomed again to fail.
    Mindlessly, you refresh the browser but are met with only scraps amongst the ash and the fallen: left for dead concept art. The images of the undead burden your conscience with their stare, like so many excels, endnotes, inboxes and data analysis trying to draw you back to the world of work and reponsibility. You raise your mouse to abandon hope when you see it, glinting, teasing. WIN...


    You newfound strength sheds responsibilty like an old duster. You know your true quest now, and the reward will be denied by beast nor man! Nor boss! The bards will sing your praise: the man who was rewarded the SACRED DISC for neglecting all but his passion.

    Grant me reward on this noble quest, lest I be trapped in this crap afternoon doing statistics until the end of my days.

    This herewith lies the chronicles of Gaz, the journal writer. Bright was the day and high was my heart as I set off to write the penultimate journal entry that wouldst allowed me to claimth a most wonderful prize, the item known only as "Sacred". "2". "Collectors Edition". As I sat in front of my implements of writing, I considered the most fitting way to mangle the language in order to pleaseth ye, the reader. In doing so, for this paramount quest, I scoured the worlds knowledge for ways of archaic writing, then filtered through several translators. Through sun and storm I journeyed, until I had discovered what I seeked. Several references to obscure and previously unknown words, of which none of them were used in this entry. As it pleaseth thee, the reader, that this entry was sent to thee from a perilous distance away, and yet through another as-yet unwritten quest to send this, and I hope thou realises the peril inherent in journal writing, in the hope of winning this item known to man only as "Sacred". "2". "Collector's Edition".


    Day 3 of the Sacred Quest

    It is with a heavy heart that I write these words, for it was not three days ago that my quest began and I was filled with anticipation and excitement. I had heard many speak of the Sacred Quest and its vast rewards.

    I and many others decided to take up the quest but while many set off with haste I thought it better to rest and gather my strength but alas, I rested too long and failed to begin my quest at all.

    Yesterday I arrived to find that none other than loke had completed the Sacred Quest and was being bestowed with his well deserved spoils.

    Disheartened I began to leave but not before I had heard rumours that loke had only attained half of the Sacred Quests rewards and more remain to claimed.

    This time I shall not fail! I leave at once with haste! Hopeful that tomorrow will bring good favour and I shall receive my own spoils of the quest.

    As I awoke this morning I stared out upon the masses of my kingdom, my flock. Each one going about their business, shining, pristine and individual.

    I thought to myself "life sux, here I am in my mid-20's, jobless and role playing about figurines, but what the hey, here's a chance to win another one and a cool game, right?"

    I gathered the best minds gold could find, so long as gold meant the reasonably unscuffed $2 coin I found on my desk, and a grand tome titled "Thesaurus for Dummies" and set out on my journey.

    There was peril, my computer shut itself off twice, gosh I need a job... and terrible creatures in the form of an angry girlfriend telling me to do my college work loomed above as I cowered and continued to write.

    Still I pressed on, and so began day 1 of my aptly titled "Sacred 2" journey, that new addition to my flock of figurines would be mine! The Aion collectors edition figurine that I recently ordered would indeed have a friend. Tomorrow shall be a new day in this tale, will it have a happy ending? Only time will tell.

    Thursday, August 27, 2009 2pm

    After the initial buzzing had died down and the screen had flickered to life, I prepared myself for another adventure into the ether. With only my trusty flaming Fox, ever present as my guide and the pet mouse I used to navigate the challenges that befall me. I once again journeyed to the Sanctuary of Kotaku. The base of many operations related to the escape from boredom and the Divine quest for knowledge.

    Upon arrival I was greeted by the herald, Goose, whom while Wild, was always a credible source of information. With his usual sunny demeanor I was greeted with the proclamation “WIN! The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On PS3” and while taken aback by the seeming simplicity of the quest, (Essentially meditating upon my worthiness to receive the reward) I knew many tests would befall me. These would undoubtedly include the resourcefulness to use creativity not just for attack and defense, as per past encounters, but for intellectual musings, to not only defeat all opponents who would seek to unsettle my place as the musiest muser, but also to make sense of the musings themselves.

    As such I have settled at the nearby inn, Little Creatures is it’s name, where I shall endeavor, through deep mediation (and inebriation) to ask the gods favor, to bestow their gifts upon me, so I may champion their cause in a far away realm.

    The walls of Kotaku have never before seemingly loomed as high, David with his impossible-to-satisfy standards had proposed a quest journal based a quest to win the Sacred 2 PS3 competition. If given the choice of formatting options i'd have undoubtedly included additional formatting tags of [b][i][u]your quest to win the competition[/b][/i][/u] and as an extra a [fontsize=48]hi, i'm a font tag[/font] tag because in no part is my dear David at fault for my own oversight in submitting my previous entry based on a potato(...).

    After reading about David's predisposition of lame jokes, I decided to include a few OTL/orz's throughout my submission so firstly, All Hail King David!. So anyway getting down to business, i didn't really bother about brainstorming but instead put on my favourite thinking hat which isn't really much more than a cap i found lying on the ground in my room c( ). I've tried to make a representation of it in ASCII but it might not work out:
    // \
    | | D |\--\
    | C o|
    \ ____</

    From where I am writing I believe it's quite a fair representation of my head with a cap on, so anyway i spent exactly 666 seconds directing my telepathic influence at David (who hopefully will now wear a tinfoil hat in paranoia that i have compromised his brain), before launching into discussion with my friend David (who just so happens to share the same name and thinking processes as the David who inhabits Kotaku's sacrosanct offices but is in no way related to David)which lasted exactly 666 minutes.

    And from the noise he made from his little feline throat he struck me most poignantly with one little gem, a furball. And from this I divined that to win over David's heart I'd need more than lame jokes, i needed a running joke (ha-ha), and it hit me, David's last name was Wildgoose, which can never be as awesome as the name 'Wild Bull' which MAY just so happen to be my name if i were American Indian :).

    If Sacred 2 still eluded me, all i have left is one plea... so David please if not for my awesomeness- then for my wild bull, please allow me the prize that is Sacred 2 ... ?

    Hero Journal, Entry 37

    Today after a hard day I retired from the concrete jungle to my favorite watering hole, The Kotaku. They make one mean cup of mead and usually have a few quests up on the notice board.

    The master of the watering hole, one Sir Wildgoose seemed to have done just that. 'Win a copy of Scared 2' it begun. Eagerly I read the quest to see what beast I had to slay, or how many coins I needed to gather but there was nothing like that. I was very confused. It was something I just couldn’t grasp. I'm a fighter not a thinker Sir Wildgoose.

    Maybe mummy was right when she said I should have taken some points in intelligence and wisdom. "Brawn will only get you so far young man" she used to say waging that finger of hers at me.

    So how do I win this 'Scared 2'? I don’t even know what it is yet I know I MUST have it! and I certainly cant work out what this quest is all about so what do I do. Some thinker is bound to come up with the answer and take the prize. Bloody thinkers!

    Most thinkers wouldn’t even have half the strength I have….

    THAT’S IT! Sir Wildgoose will announce tomorrow here at The Kotaku who the winner is and im sure they will be about to collect there prize, 'Scared 2' so I will just wait until they claim it and then as they walk out wait behind that wagon outside and introduce them to my little 2 little friends, slide n dice and see how well their intelligence & wisdom work after I chop their head in 2!

    How good is this! I will just sit here and wait. The fire is warm, the mead is strong and the entertainment is the best in town and no need for any thinking at all.

    See mummy, you don’t need intelligence and wisdom after all! You would be so proud me.

    Signed X

    Quest: D-Day
    Character: Socio-schema-freakus

    5:03pm - It appears Dave is unwilling to hand over the merchandise peacefully. Sir David, I'm afraid bar gay sexual favours, there are no limits to what I will do to obtain this prize. Whether you like it or not, by this time tomorrow I will have it in my possession.

    5:05pm - In the last two minutes I have concocted a scheme. You, me and a flaming hot pinch fork right up your wrinkly sphincter - whether or not you get the privilege of a lubricant is up to you. Hand over the game now peacefully and I will take mercy on you, if not....Be prepared for a long gay honeymoon.

    Once again....Your move, Mr. Wildturkey.

    Now it's really a matter of choosing between shallow or deep penetration. mwahahahahahaha!!!!!!!


    I learnt of the quest to acquire a copy of the game Sacred 2, from the great sage of a thousand competitions David Wildgoose of Kotaku. (How do they come up with these crazy NPC names?)

    Hastily I took up the challenge, providing what I had hoped was a witty and clever entry, sure to catch the judge's eye.

    My fellow competitors would soon fall before the glory and the might of my own submission.


    Alas my initial attempts at completing this quest set before me to win a copy of Sacred 2, were met with limited success. Well, no success to be precise.

    Engaging in this fierce competition once more, I have decided to change tactics, and submitted an entry that contained a clever pop culture reference, dripping with vulgar imagery and style. This would surely gain the attention required to secure victory.


    I am met with sadness and dismay yes again. In my eagerness to please I feel I overlooked the simple requirements of this competition.

    I had also underestimated my fellow competitors and their ability to penetrate the steely judgement of David Wildgoose.

    Today however would be my triumph. Today would be the day I truly recount my adventure thus far. Today I would be sure to claim the prize.

    If not... well there's always tomorrow.

    How to win a Competition.
    You saw posted on the local bulletin board an opportunity to acquire a marvellous treasure through a contest of wit and skill. "Seek out the roving 13th century French entertainer for more details".

    What is a Shmoo?
    The itinerant jongleur has requested you find the Shmoo. He gives you no further information other than it is "cool".

    Where is the Shmoo?
    After a hazardous search of the coolest places (i.e. fridge, my room, that place where that hot girl lives, etc.), You arrived in the coldest place (metaphysically) only to find nothing but a card saying "You are taking this far too literally". You decided to return to the jongleur.

    The jongleur is disappointed. Indicating to the details above while breaking the forth wall he said, "Did you not read the instructions? The answer was in front of you the entire time". Upon closer examination, the jongleur had no arms and look liked a blob. You realise you had just experienced existential metaphor for the Kotaku Sacred 2 Collectors Edition competition.

    The failure to explicitly state the objective of the contest has cast in doubt the outcome. You will not know the results until the anointed time.
    Endure, and through enduring grow strong.

    Day 1 of the Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    I made it a quarter way through the crust, good progress.

    Day 2

    I made it through half of the crust left... great progress. I should be there in a few days.

    Day 3

    Nearly there... oh, and there are very pretty diamonds. I'll be in the centre tomorrow, I think

    Day 4


      Oops, Sorry, I forgot that it was for the quest to win the competition. Here's my real entry:

      Day 3 of the Competition

      After two days of entries about as bad as the poop monster in Conker's Bad Fur Day, and another today which didn't follow the rules, I hope this will be the day I reach the sacred prize of Sacred 2.

      Hmm... should I worry about that boulder hanging precariously above me by a single vine?

    Quest log of [Premium McSweetride], 27th August 2009:

    >Quest: Acquire Sacred 2 on PS3, any means possible.

    >Begin travel to 'GameStore'?
    >-You chose [Yes]

    >On the way you encountered 'Bogan'.
    >Bogan exclaimed: 'Gimme a durrie or I’ll bash ya!'

    >What do you do;
    [Give Bogan a cigarette]
    [Beat with two-by-four]

    >- You chose [Beat with two-by four]
    >Bogan cries 'faaaaaaaaaaaaark!'.
    >Bogan has been defeated,
    >Bogan dropped 'Holden Torana car keys'

    >You have been arrested by a near-by police guard.
    >You have been locked up in the local dungeon.

    >You encounter: 'Bubba'.
    >Bubba gives you a choice:

    >You force your elbow into your mouth, choking.
    >[Premium McSweetride] has died.

    >You did not acquire Sacred 2 on PS3.
    >You failed the quest.
    >You suck.

    >Post quest log on 'Kotaku'?

    >-You chose [Yes]

    Perhaps this was truly the meaning of 'destiny'.

    Having just returned home and with only seven hours sleep remaining before I would have to rise and face the corporate ratpack once more, I decided to do what any sane person who had survived a full day on only two hours of sleep and three cans of V was sure to do.

    ...I jumped onto Firefox and loaded up my favourite gaming blog 'Kotaku', to ensure I would be uptodate with the latest in gaming paraphenalia before my much anticipated sleep.

    But what's this I had found? A chance to win a copy of Sacred 2 Collector's Edition on the PS3!? Sleep would have to wait. With the last vestiges of guarana surging through my veins, I attempted to brainstorm the best way to seize the prize at hand.

    Perhaps it would be best if like a Bard, I charmed my way through the masses through song, belting out some harmonic ballad like a quintent of pre-pubescent Japanese boys with perfectly preened hair.

    Or, perhaps I would demonstrate my intelligence and wit by unleashing a flurry of amusing, yet politically charged satire, filled with subtext and sexual undertones.

    Could it be that a display of strength was what was needed to turn the tide? Sadly, I had invested far too much into hair products and too little into protein shakes or muscular development. I would not be fooling anyone with my Sharpie drawn six pack anytime soon.

    Things were becoming grim. My creativity was coming to an end, and I had still not come up with an infalliable means of acquiring Sacred 2. But I had to have it! Anything with the words 'COLLECTOR'S EDITION' translated into my mind as 'NEED NOW'. How could one resist the delights of such previous past efforts as the happy meal figurines packaged with Street Fighter IV, or the amazingly useful iron-on emblem from Resident Evil 5? Sacred 2: Collector's Edition would be but one more amazing compendium of completely unnecessary items to adorn my shelf!

    And then it hit me! As if touched by some form of divine (perhaps even 'sacred') guidance, I was suddenly aware of the one thing which I was completely capable of doing to win. Something unexpected.

    With a wry grin on my face, I booted up my email client and addressed the composition to David Wildgoose, eagerly awaiting his response.

    "I put on my robe and wizard hat... '_'"

    I am a man. Well, I look like a man anyway. You see, I am actually a rabbit, on the inside. You don’t know this about rabbits, but they love video games. That’s why we eat carrots, because we can’t play video games. But three years ago, I undertook a journey that may change life for all rabbits everywhere. I began a painful process of race change. My mission? To one day play video games.

    When this decision was made, I proceeded to spend the first twelve months attempting to find a plastic surgeon patient enough to take me seriously in my attempt to communicate. After visiting forty three different plastic surgeons, and nearly ending up in as stew twice, and a pet four times, I found my man.
    Dr Dar Twinistic placed me on an overly large keypad (think Tom Hanks in Big on the big musical keyboard but this time a QWERTY keyboard … you get the idea. We can be known for overstating the obvious about events that happen to us and others throughout the day at anytime …) and I communicated with man for the first time.

    We then spent the next two years undertaking seventy nine awkward and painful operations that saw me slowly transform into the outward appearance of a man. You would never know. The operations, despite being torturous, were worth it. Or were they?

    I sit her today using my new human like paws on a small QWEDRT (DANM) … QWERTY keyboard, but I have no money to buy any video games! What’s up with that Doc? Anyway, rather than browse the web of warrens as a rabbit, I now browse the web as a guy named Warren. I browse strange sites with strange names, such as your site, Kotaku. And you have an opportunity for me to take one step in my visionary and transformational journey. The chance to own a game called SACRED 2. You let me worry about the PS3! I’m trying to build my own! I just want to win this game, so that I can longer cry paw!

    I really want to win this copy of Sacred 2 for PS3. I have plans for it. Special plans. Me and a friend – we’re going to play online together and kill monsters. Go up levels. Save the world.

    So how the hell do I win it? I wander around the blog, but can’t see any signs of what I’m supposed to do next. I click on things randomly. I hate these puzzle games. I remember being stuck for hours in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – not because of something profound, but because of small, niggly things. Like I would never realise that I could move my character to the end of the screen where the exit was. Or that I missed an object in a previous level by not moving my mouse in the right spot to find the correct object needed at a later stage. I’d look up a cheat thing and I’d go ‘D’oh’ as opposed to ‘OMG, my mind is blown by how clever that puzzle was!’ It was always so obvious, in hindsight. (Except when I played ‘Ripper’, which just had puzzles that made me go ‘huh?’ I wanted to punch the designer in the nuts so badly after the card/constellation puzzle.)

    Damn. I break down and check out GameFAQs – and look up ‘Win a Copy of Sacred 2’. It’s not very helpful – the FAQs there just say to write a random thoughtfart that appeals to Mr Wildgoose’s sense of humour.

    Maybe if I build an amazing device, and run all of the previous, winning entries through it, I’ll be able to chart Mr Wildgoose’s expectations. But the data comes back all wobbly and I can’t spot any trends.

    You know, the only time I ever finished a puzzle game (Death Gate, I think) without cheating was when I was stuck at Mum’s house with no net connection for a whole week. I just played the game, and got through it, bit by bit, day by day, rubbing my brain raw with the effort. Maybe I’m just lazy. But not now.

    I guess I’ll just go back to clicking around the blog. Pixel by pixel. There’s got to be something here. Somewhere.

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