WIN! The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360

sacred-2-xbox-360We're giving away copies of Sacred 2, the massive, sprawling, vast and possible enormous Diablo-style RPG. Today we have an Xbox 360 copy up for grabs, and we also find out who won yesterday's PS3 copy.

UPDATE: Wednesday's draw is now closed.

To recap: yesterday we gave away one PS3 collectors edition of Sacred 2, thanks to distributor Madman Interactive. Today it's the turn of the Xbox 360 edition while tomorrow sees another PS3 day before Friday is the second and final 360 day. Make sure you leave your entry in the comments of the correct post!

How do you enter?

RPGs are all about questing, adventure and the life of your character. Your character journal or quest log is the record of that life.

To be in the running to win, I want you to write a journal entry of your quest to win this competition. The most creative, imaginative, funny and/or well-written prose will win. I’m not going to set any word limit on this, but… just don’t go nuts, ok?

Leave your entry in the comments between now and 2pm tomorrow when the next post goes up. And good luck!

The PS3 winner for Tuesday is "loke", whose entry amused me no end. Here it is in full:

King Darvid, your mentor on the winding journey called life has suggested that you attempt to solve a dispute over the ownership of a ’sacred’ goose a mysterious animal he procured and found after his conquests in the lands of Kutako.

Darvid provided you with a suggestion, namely to return to him with what must surely be an epic describing his exploits which will be sung of and recited within his majesty’s very own royal halls until kingdom come.

You left on a journey of self discovery in order to gather ideas, to put into verse which took only the better part of one evening. During the time you spent sitting on one spot this is all you could come up with:

Oh Darvid tamer of thy gamer masses set forth a great challenge. During one of his conquests he foundeth the sacred goose when he stumbleth in a puddleth of muddleth, to which he raised a toast in praised. A goose, why, not another creature existed that was of nobler nature other than man. From his perch upon his throne, Darvid, generous as only he can be proposed the deliverance of the goose into different hands. Oh how generous can one be to gift such value to a stranger though alas I must admit that a human of lowly stature such as me, unfortunately lack the means of which to house the goose.

Darvid was highly impressed by the length of attention span and effort exhibited in your epic and granted that you would know his judgement within the a day. That is not to say that you would receive the goose but take into consideration your entry.

Darvid vacates his throne in order to retire to his chambers. You have done all you can to convince Darvid. The decision rests within his hands.

You retire to bed to await his final decision tomorrow.

[Terms and Conditions]


    Dynasty Warrior's Journal:


    The End.


    As you travel far in to reaches unknown you realise that your quest is but that, looting, of the dead, the living and in some cases freely given but what a hollow adventure.

    You have crossed mighty peaks and bridged many a low point but for what? material gain that is what, back home the streets crowd to see your shiny sacred relic. But above sneer the intellectuals that it is a meer trophy, what a hollow man you are!

    Your entire quest is but for a fleeting glimspe of entertainment, you ignore the possibility of real adventure in to a "real" world as to speak for your imaginary ones you use to justify ownership of some trinket.

    At the end of your quest you hold your new found bauble and sigh as you start the next one to win over the favour of some fickle god and their presents they bestow.

    Questing of the Level 1 Noob:

    Day 1:

    Wake up

    Begin Adventuring

    See Zombie

    Become Zombiee

    Ask where you can find brains for sale in a human encampment


    That weapon.

    You have searched long and far for it, and it haunts your dreams. Sacrificing everything for it, including your friends, family, and even faithful compainions.

    You have battled countless monsters and braved fearsome dungeons. Many a time, you have passed onto the afterlife, being brought back to life to continue your ill-fated quest by some cruel god.

    You truly have little meaning in your life now. You crave each time you face a new challenge; for it could be the time when you find that weapon.

    Someday you may find this weapon. When that day comes, you shall stand atop the world and proclaim:

    "Look at this sweet Tier 9 sword from raids! "

    (a WoW reference)

    The Collectors Journal:

    Add 1 part figurine to 1 part art book in a large steel cauldron. Mix for 30 minutes then add your extra in-game pet and dvd containing interviews. Simmer for 7 minutes until it becomes brown and which point you need to turn on your HDR lighting system to kill the bacteria. Leave it for 2 minutes. Then pour your mixture into some half naked elf mage ninja goblin mold. Leave to set in the fridge overnight. Now you are ready to paint your new character that prints money. You have but 3 options. Option A) Play Barbie with your new figurine you created from all your collector items and run around the house with joy. Option B) Sell your new figurine on eBay and make a tidy profit, but you might as well sell your soul too since you love money soo much. Option C)Win a free collectors edition so your other collectors edition figurines don't get lonely when you leave the house. You will call her Sacred the Angel of God. She will sit high in your kingdom above all else. Her eyes will beam down upon all the figurines of the land. She will be ruler of all. You will love her like no other.

    My car drags me back home again.
    My tie is cutting into my neck, o... It hurts.
    My shirt is what I tear off and throw onto the computer.
    My tie is what alerts me to the fact that there's another Sacred 2 competition going on.
    My keyboard says to me 'why don't you enter that?'
    My keyboard listens as I say, disheartened, 'like I'll be able to.'
    My coffee machine says to me 'why don't you go pray? Then God will probably rain some money upon your house so you don't have to stretch your luck again.'
    My coffee machine listens as I say, frustrated, 'I don't believe in God.'
    My monitor says to me 'get ready for it!'

    And even from behind my rather mild schizophrenia I can see the glowing rectangular thing that is Sacred 2.
    I make a grab for it, and I fall through the ground.
    I respawn where I was, and I make another grab.

    And I'm still crawling for it.
    O Lord Wylldgoose... hear my plea...


    You awake today with the sudden urge to sink your teeth into the warm and firm flesh of an oven baked potato.

    Inquiring with MOM in the kitchen proved fruitless. Not only were there no potatoes, she suggested they were out of season before launching into a long often said dangers of unripe, green potatoes.

    In a flagrant refusal of her words you set off on a journey, one of great length to wherever potatoes were to be found.

    With pride and a hitch in your stride you set of into the sunset at the horizon which only helped to contribute to your growing anxiety of leaving the house on your own for the first time, for who knew what existed beyond the four walls of your house.

    Your long journey has led you to a den in which the lovely wafting smell of potatoes came from. Upon entering you discover a host of inhospitable potato monsters that are invariably all out to quash your tater eating habits once and for all. Presented with a sight beyond the scope of your little mind, you collapse in a heap to the ground crying and gibbering uncontrollably for MAMA in what has proven a nightmare.

    Unfortunately this proves your undoing and the end of your potato adventure as the potatoes prove to be maneating potatoes from South of the Amazon. And that's why you should listen to your mother :).

    Competition on Kotaku this morning, entry thread after following link.

    This website is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.

    The comments sections are extended gutters and the gutters are full of trolls and when the flame wars finally spill over, all the vermin will burn.

    The accumulated filth of all their abuse and profanity will foam up about their waists and all the noobs and wannabes will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No. I'm playing Sacred 2."

    Journal of Golstaff, Sorceror of Light.

    On a quest for the Dew of a Mountain.

    Today I entered a door to the north, I was by myself standing in a dark room, It was smelly, possibly mildew the dungeon walls glistend like they were wet.
    I had taken out my tome and was deciding to cast a spell, I could not make up my mind and went through the list figuring out which one to cast, I eventually settled on a first level one.

    I incanted and cast a Magic Missile out into the Darkness.

    Suddenly out of nowhere an elf appeared in front of me! Surprised I could do nothing else but utter hello.

    The pointy eared fellow replied hello back to me, I decided to introduce myself.

    "I am Golstaff, The Sorcerer of Light." The elf cocked his head and asked, "Then how come you had to cast magic missile?"

    24th Day of Augustus
    The year of our lord, Davenicus Von Goostrum, 1203
    Day 4 of my journey

    My darling wife, how wrong you were.

    I am confident my journey already nears an end. I will soon find what it is you thought I could never find. ‘Even with a map’ she would yell at me ‘you’ll never find it’ .

    Yet here I am, in a small town somewhere on the outskirts of Melbournia, with NO map, with victory so thick in the air I can taste it on my weary lips.

    I am tired, cold and hungry out here in this damned forest. I have not tasted solid sustenance since I left that buxom wench for whom I quest for. Fact be known that if I had not come across that Starbucks in a quaint village marketplace I would perhaps would have been too weak to continue. 13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel – I salute you!

    An encounter with a wise old seer early this very morn, upon a rocky outcrop, gave me hope and the clarity of mind to see what I could not see before. He spoke to me in a gravely tone that showed his age, into a mystic stone to which he simply referred to as ‘Frank’. It was here I learned of a deep gorge to the south, with flowing rivers flanked by bushy outcrops. The smell of fresh fish thick in the air, causing even the sternest of men to lick their lips in with the promise of a feast fit for a king. At least I know now there will be plentiful sustenance when I arrive.

    When my quest is done and I arrive home, I will be a hero. If not to my people, than at least to my lady love .
    But for now I must rest. I need my strength for the day ahead.

    Tomorrow, my quest ends!!

    Tomorrow, I find the sacred g-spot!!

    -Chuloopius Trozica

    It should be Morning.

    Of what day, I do not know. Of what month, I can only guess. Of what year? No, it should be the same year. I could not have been down here that long, have I?


    It’s only been a day or so. My not knowing the month or day is more likely due to my tragically wonderful lifestyle. A lifestyle which does not seem as fulfilling upon reflection, down here, in the damp darkness. Solitude, regret and a missing limb combine to make an excellent catalyst for an epiphany it seems.

    If I did not have a weakness for buxom bar-wenches then I doubt I would be in my current predicament. The competitive nature and a penchant for gambling possibly also played a part. That and my long-time companion, Absinthe. That sassy whore has ruined my life for the last time. If I get out of here, I swear on the corpse of this dead puppy that I’m going to quit drinking.


    Probably not

    [Crude drawing of stick-man fornicating with buxom stick-woman]

    Alright, perhaps I have not experienced an epiphany and am merely being dramatic out of boredom. The thought of my reward from that bar-wench orbiting my mind is likely proof of that. And I suppose it is not pitch-black, I have mushrooms down here that appear to glow in the dark. A part of me is still in utter disbelief about my actions however.

    Cutting off my left arm with my right to prove I could is one thing. There was money on the table and I never back down from a challenge. That and lady Absinthe made it seem like a solid idea. But that’s a fairly normal decision for me. I only had 3 fingers left on that arm for a reason.
    But this? Stuck at the bottom of a dark damp hole to retrieve some tramps lost pet? This is a new low. I’ve performed many degrading chores to be rewarded in order to be rewarded with “dark damp holes” in my lifetime. These tasks usually involved the humiliation and shame of helping a girl’s community or worse, joining her religion. But cutting my way through a cave of goblins so I could spelunk for her runaway puppy? This is a new level of absurdity on my part.

    Much to my angst, the poorly woven rope I “borrowed” from the dead goblins tore before my eyes and I landed on the accursed mutt on my way down. At least its tiny body was good for breaking my fall. It may even prove to be a nourishing meal should I have to be down here much longer.

    I suppose I can claim that the goblins crushed its tiny skull (and then consumed its innards) and then ‘comfort’ the girls during her time of mourning. But all this will have to wait for the storm waters to float me to the surface. It has been raining for some time but only now are the rain waters seeping through.

    As a result of this somewhat typical day, I have learnt 2 valuable lessons.
    First, ropes goblins use are ideal for the weight of your average goblin but not for drunken idiots. Even if they are lacking the weight of a limb. In hindsight if I had my left arm I could have probably climbed out but that’s my challenge to overcome.
    Second, mushrooms that glow in the dark should not be eaten as they are likely glowing due to goblins using this area as a toilet. A lesson hard learnt, but learnt nonetheless.

    That fat barkeep better have kept my arm with his ice like he promised. Even if I can’t have it reattached, it should make for a nutritious snack when I get out.

    Oh good, I have sunk to the point where I am seriously considering eating one of my own limbs as a light meal. I was wondering when I would finally get to that stage.

    [Half finished doodle of 2 stick figures making love on the carcass of a dead dog]

    It seems the river bank finally gave way, water is rushing in. I should be out of here soon.

    I need a drink.

      -expletive deleted-

      well im pretty sure thats gotten me beat... lol.. niicceee

        Don't you hate it when you pick up on typo's after you've submitted a report to the boss/competition entry? :(

    I began to write this journal entry in an attempt to win a competition. The competition will entitle me to the glorious prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360 if won, as the title explains "WIN! The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360".

    I laugh at my sharp wit as i explain the obvious of what the competition prize is in the exact words used in the competition title.

    Suddenly, it dawned on me. I would soon run out of words to write, to put me far above and beyond the rest of the entries to win the amazing prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

    Words start to repeat themselves as i scramble my mind for more to say, to stretch out my journal. To make it a decent size worthy of the prize of The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

    All seemed hopeless as i realised i had repeated "The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360" 4 times, now 5, 32 words now 40 of my now 179 word journal in an attempt to win the competition.

    At that point in my journal entry 22.3% of my journal was merely repeating the competition name.

    So i sit here, and i wait, biting my nails in anticipation in hope of the glory of winning The Sacred 2 Collectors Edition On Xbox 360.

      awesome, i won!

      i'm guessing i should receive an email shortly?

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