World At War Map Pack 3 Surpasses...One Million Downloads

And that's in its first weekend of availability. Activision announced yesterday that Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 registered more than one million paid downloads through Xbox Live and PSN from August 6 to August 9.

The seven-figure weekend brings to 6.5 million the worldwide downloads of World at War map packs, Activision said in a news release. At $US10 a pop, roughly, that's some nice jing in their pockets.

The statement didn't break out the number of free downloads of PC versions of Map Packs 1 and 2, or specify whether they're included in that 6.5 million total.

Map Pack 3, in a story last week in which I royally screwed up community manager Josh Olin's first name, has been confirmed for the PC, along with a version 1.6 patch. No word yet on when that arrives.



    I reckon they've sold more than the Halo Map Packs. Although Bungie actually do make the previous ones FREE when a new one is released.

    I would have thought that the newer the Map pack, the less sales it would receive. But oh nooo! Million+ AGAIN in the first week.

    Can't help but wonder the numbers that Modern Warfare 2 will receive, after all the Variety Map Pack was a fail for Modern Warfare. And yet it is still priced at 800 MS Points.

    Although, World at War doesn't seem to get the numbers anymore that Modern Warfare does on XBL.

    it's a licence to print money for these guys. WaW is not even that good and look at the sales. 1943 just managed 1 mil and it is a whole standalone game with better multiplayer than WaW.


    MW2 will sell huge amounts no matter how good/bad it is. they have established it's rep for this gen at least. pre-orders alone are going to be huge. and once again BC2 (which will also be a better MP game) will not even sell a quater of that.

    can't wait for my cheap ass night vision goggles

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