Wow, There Really ARE A Lot Of WWII Games

It's a common complaint: there are too many damn games set in the Second World War. But did you know just how many? This "casual census" performed by 1UP has the depressing results.

This graph here tallies the number of games released since 1980 set during six of the biggest conflicts (at least for Westerners) of the last 100 years. And as you can see, one war has been more popular than all others. By a considerable margin.

Sure, it's hardly hard science (the Korean numbers are off for starters, as they've ironically omitted PC strategy title Korea: Forgotten Conflict), but then, that's OK. They admit it's just a casual census. And besides, look at that graph. Does it matter if they're off by a game or two? Not like it'd make any difference.

Why WWII? [1UP]


    Funny how everyone moans about "another WW2 game", but nobody ever complains about the endless stream of sci-fi games. If I see another ^%$%^ing space marine, or have to kill another %#$%^ing alien, I'll have to start playing Wii. A fate worse than killing myself.

      There should be another spot in that graph for "Fictional Modern/Near Future Conflict in the Middle East/Asia," I think that will be the largest category.

      Thats just because your thinking of crappy sci-fi like Halo.

      Get into the more serious stuff like Deus Ex, and you'd want to take back what you said.

        lol give me Halo over Dues Ex anyday. Take back games like Mass Effect and stop creating them...I can't stand that crap. When a WWII game is done right, it's an amazing game. I don't get why everyone hates on it ^.^

      There's a bit of a difference between "Sci-Fi games" and "world War 2" games, mainly being that one is a genre while one is a specific time/location. "Sci-Fi"games have been based in a wide range of times from far flung futures, to the 60s, to present times. They've been based in Earth, planets on the far edge of the universe and even time and parallel dimensions.

      World War 2 games are based in a few locations, are based within a gap of a few years and always involve the same countries, and always has the same story and ending, being the allies win. Didn't see THAT coming!

      In short, don't be a moron. Sci Fi = genre. WW2 = setting.

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