Wow, There Really IS An Arkham Care Website

I know, I know — just one more thing about Batman: Arkham Asylum and I swear I'll shut up. But there's actually an Arkham Care website setup for the game.

Warden Quincy Sharp welcomes you to the site and there's an "Inside Arkham" video clip show that reminds me of the Kaiser Permanente health care ads they run out here in California. The dummy site very clearly states that it's for entertainment purposes only (in the bottom right hand corner of the page). But man, is it entertaining — especially if you've played the game enough to get the references.

Even if you haven't though, the dummy site is still a top-notch public relations endeavor — much better than some stunts I've seen lately. Go check it out.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin!


    Ok, we get it, really. ;-) Yes, theres a batman game out. We've seen a couple dozen (hundred?) videos, on a daily basis.

    WE GET IT. :)

    I guess at least the US Kotaku guys can be self-deprecating about their 'burning in the loins' passion for the new Batman. Not taking one's self too seriously is hard to come during these days.

    But more Batman. ;-)

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